Big Brother 18 Premiere Recap: More Twists, New Challenges!

Julie tells the houseguests that before the sun rises, they will be introduced to three Big Brother twists that will challenge them like never before. The first twist is that they are not alone in the house. There are four stowaways in the house since they first moved in. They have not seen or heard the new houseguests, but just like them, they will be competing for the half million dollar prize.

Big Brother 18 Premiere

The first twist is that they are not alone in the house. There are four stowaways in the house since they first moved in. They have not seen or heard the new houseguests, but just like them, they will be competing for the half million dollar prize.

And the first returnee is revealed when she pops out of a luggage trunk! One of the returnee rumors has indeed been confirmed, it’s Nicole Franzel (Season 16). Paulie is immediately worried because his brother messed up her game, and she might take that out on him.

Next secret houseguest revealed is James Huling (Season 17), who was another of the rumored returnees this summer. He says he’s all business this season and he’s in it to win it.

Third houseguest is Da’vonne Rogers (Season 17), who was also one of the spoiler rumor HGs returning. Paul says it will be lucky if Da’Vonne makes it two weeks this season either.

The last returning houseguest is Frank Eudy (Season 14), and that completes the set of houseguests that were ‘confirmed’ as coming back in recent Big Brother spoilers.

The newbies are already talking about how they have to get the veterans out, and the veterans are already talking alliance against the newbies. Da’Vonne, however, says there are fans out there that they can maybe team up. Paul, Zakiyah, and Jozea look like they are already forming a mini-alliance.

Paulie decides that it’s time to confess that his brother is former houseguest Paulie Calafiore. Tiffany is freaking out because she didn’t intend on coming out. Da’Vonne already knows she is Vanessa’s sister, but she says she’s going to keep that secret and use it to her advantage.

Now it’s time for the next twist to be revealed! Julie tells the returnees that they were the first twist of the night. She says your summer vacation is only as good as your travel companions. So this season, they will be playing in teams of four. So basically say hello again to Big Brother 14. Except this time, for the first time ever, they will all play a part in choosing their teams. So, Big Brother 14 but they get to pick their teammates, okay.

For now, it’s time to get changed for the first competition of the season.


Each of the veteran houseguests will be on different teams. So each vet has to pick the first person on their team, and they have to be of the opposite sex. The four teams are:

Team 1: Frank, Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette
Team 2: Day, Paul, Zakiyah, Jozea
Team 3: James, Natalie, Victor, Bronte
Team 4: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn

The teams have to hop up on giant rockets and hold on while they sway and spin around. While, of course, they are bombarded by rain and wind. being Poor Glenn can’t even get up on his rocket and has to really struggle to get up there.

First team to fall off will be Have-Nots, the second team to fall off will receive a mystery punishment, the third team to fall off with receive a $10,000 prize to split, the final team to fall out will be safe for the first TWO evictions. And they are going to want that, because the first eviction will take place before the two-night premiere is over.

The first to fall off is Tiffany, followed by Glenn. So that leaves only Nicole and Corey on their rocket. Then Nicole takes a tumble as well.

Michelle and Bridgette are the next off, followed by Frank. That only leaves Paulie on his team. Next two down are Da’Vonne and Zakiyah, then Paul and Jozea both come off. That means Jozea, Paul, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah have landed in ‘Notburg’ and they will now be Have-Nots for the whole week.

James falls off, and Natalie comes off next. Then suddenly they are hit with slimy fake bird poop and feathers. Bronte slides off the rockets, which leaves just one left on three teams: Paulie, Victor, and Corey.


Paulie drops off, which lands his team in Mysteryland — which means they will end up with some kind of mystery punishment at some point. Now it’s down to Victor and Corey to try to win that big prize of safety for their whole team through two evictions.


And one of the guys is off and it’s… Corey! Victor and his team have won! So Victor, James, Natalie, and Bronte will all survive the first two evictions. Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, Glenn will receive $10,000 to split between each other. Now it’s back into the house to clean up and the strategy and alliance talk is already happening full force.


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