Big Brother 18 Cast Power Rankings: How Far Will They Go?

After watching and reading all the interviews with the new Big Brother 18 cast members, and digging into the backgrounds of who they were before joining the show, we couldn’t help but indulge in a little pre-season Power Rankings speculation. Even if we still don’t ‘officially’ know yet who the veterans are going to be we know will be showing up on premiere night.

2016 Big Brother 18 Cast 3

Of course, what we see of the Houseguests before they the season begins is often very different than who they turn out to be once they get in the house. Still, it’s fun to just go with our initial gut feelings and first impressions and make a few wild guesses about how far each of the new Houseguests may go this season.

12. Glenn Garcia

Big Brother 18 Glenn Garcia SmallGlenn has a large percent of being an outcast in the game due to his age. He’s 50 years old in a house full of people that are in their 20’s or 30. He has no strategy going into the game and says he will need to see what the houseguest are like before he creates one. I would not be shocked if he is the first boot of the season. The reason I say this is because, I do not see him winning competitions to save himself at his age. Those younger kids will have him beat at the physical competitions.

11. Paul Abrahamian

Big Brother 18 Paul Abrahamian SmallPaul is a very interesting personality, which makes him hard to read. I think he is someone who could stir a lot of drama and go out in a fiery exit. I can’t see Paul being the strategic player of the season or some mastermind. I do think he will sneak into jury because he’s not an alpha male, who would be targeted right off the bat. Paul claims that he is very “sneaky”, but that’s not a good flaw to have in this game. If people find him sneaky, he will be out the door so fast. I do not think he will have a strong social game, but if he does, it might help him. So my prediction is an early juror member at best for Paul and no shot at winning the game.

10. Victor Arroyo

Big Brother 18 Victor Arroyo SmallVictor is someone I am pegging as a pre-jury boot. His plan is to woo the women of the season and he’s relatively handsome enough to do so. The problem with this plan is that the girls may catch on to this and send him out the door. He’s also a gym manager, which means his physical attributes will send red alarms in the house. He talks about being in part, of two alliances and being a rat works for some, but not all. I think another problem with Victor is his ego! He is all about his looks, body and thinks he can just get girls by snapping his fingers.

9. Bridgette Dunning

Big Brother 18 Bridgette Dunning SmallBridgette seems like a really nice girl, who would not harm a fly! But that is why she will not make it very far in this game. She said she has trouble lying and her happy-go- lucky personality may annoy some of the houseguest. I just don’t see Bridgette as someone who is made out for a game full of vivacious liars and backstabbers. I can see her being really popular with the fans as an underdog. But in the end, I think she’ll be either pre-jury or dragged to the end as a pawn who survives eviction week after week.

8. Jozea Flores 

Big Brother 18 Jozea Flores SmallI can’t get a good read on Jozea and that’s because he doesn’t really have a strategy. He claims that he will use his love and care to maneuver his way to the game. I guess that means socially? I think he’s a recruit and may not know much about the game. What’s going to be crucial for him is bonding with his housemates and he seemed very quiet in his interview with Jeff Schroeder. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was pre-jury, jury or someone who skates by long enough to pull out a victory.

7. Michelle Meyer

Big Brother 18 Michelle Meyer SmallWe have the brunette version of Nicole Franzel, right? Michelle’s strategy is to win as many competitions and take out threats. Well, winning every competition could make her a threat and that’s not necessarily a winning strategy. She talks about making friendly connections with everyone, but then egging people to blow up their games in the shadows. I’m going to say that she will be an early juror and possibly a high candidate to be backdoored. I say backdoored because superfans are viewed as threats. I don’t think she’ll be able to hold back being a superfan and even more so, when the vets arrive.

6. Tiffany Rousso

Big Brother 18 Tiffany Rousso SmallI think Vanessa, oops Tiffany, but wait they look and sound exactly alike right? So how is she going to get away with not telling everyone she is Vanessa’s sister? Vanessa played last season and this is going to spell trouble for Tiffany. Vanessa controlled 90 % of the season and I could see the others fearing she will be another version of her sister. But if she can get over the hurdle, I really like her game plan. She wants to build relationships, win competitions when needed, try to get players on her side and align loosely with the big threats and watch them get taken out. It’s hard to make a prediction, but I am going to go with a jury member but relatively an early one.

5. Natalie Negrotti

Big Brother 18 Natalie Negrotti SmallNatalie wants to go into the game and start an all-women’s alliance. *Crickets* While myself and other viewers would LOVE to see that… it never does. I think her pursuing an all girl’s alliance could be the end of her Big Brother game. She reminds me a lot of Victoria Rafaeli, who just let everyone else around her make moves. Natalie seems to think this game is easy and that could lead to her downfall. She claims she can manage girls, add guys to their alliance, fake everyone out and everyone will want to work with her. Big Brother is not easy no matter how you perceive it to be. She is very athletic and a former cheerleader, which will help her in the endurance competitions. I think Natalie goes very deep into the game, and goes out at like final four.

4. Zakiyah Everette

Big Brother 18 Zakiyah Everette SmallZakiyah has been a fan of the show since season three and she says she wants to find her alternate ally like Danielle Reyes did with Jason Guy. That’s right off the book smart, but who will that ally be? My main problem with her is that she wants a showmance and that could make her a target pretty quickly. Zakiyah claims her mouth is going to hurt her, well-being self-aware is a great thing and maybe she will keep her mouth silent at the right time. I think she has the potential to make final three, or even win this game, but I definitely see her making the jury.

3. Paulie Calafiore

Big Brother 18 Paulie Calafiore SmallI think Paulie’s biggest mistake would be trying to hide that he is Cody Calafiore’s brother. He says that he has a tattoo that will expose them as brothers, so why go into the game and lie? Paulie can be a great social player, in my opinion, because Cody was and he likely advised him to play the game that way. I think Paul will overcome Cody being his brother because the veterans in the game might take some of that pressure away from him. When it’s revealed, I think people will say, well his brother took Derrick Levasseur to the end, so maybe he’s not smart. Paulie should play clueless and not try to win every competition despite being in really good shape. I am going to say final six for Paulie and possibly a chance to win the game.

2. Bronte D’Acquisto

Big Brother 18 Bronte D'Acquisto SmallBronte’s voice might annoy some Houseguests, but I think she is going to go very far in this game. She seems really inspired by Derrick, who is one of the best winners ever. She is very motivated to become the female Derrick and while I can’t see her being a mastermind, she strikes me as one who will make big moves in the season. One of her best assets will be her plan to think of the worst-case scenarios before making any move. I am going to predict she will be a winner or late gamer. She will be able to slide through as some “clueless” girl, but I do not think she will be.

1. Corey Brooks

Big Brother 18 Corey Brooks SmallCorey right off the bat gives me winner vibes. He mentions that people skills are a key and I could see him doing well in that arena. I think Corey actually seems like one of the most normal people ever cast on Big Brother. He states that keeping blood off his hands, key player in competitions along with a strong social skills is how he will play the game. If he correctly does all this, he’ll be an end gamer and a likely winner. If the houseguest are smart, they will target him quickly because of his body build. I would think this guy can win competitions and that makes him dangerous.

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