Big Brother 18: On the Chopping Block – Week Two

The messiah is gone (for now), and it’s a real miracle that the houseguests have been able to carry on without him. Paulie’s week as Head of Household has been one full of drama and shifting loyalties.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany

He started his reign as HOH with the intention of backdooring Victor, and it looks like that’s going to be the outcome of tomorrow’s live eviction. BUT FIRST… let’s poke some fun at the chumps on the chopping block!

Bronte AKA Wifey Spy –

Let me be real for a millisecond: the girl drives me nuts. It’s for mainly petty reasons that any normal person would be over, but never have I been called normal.

Pros for keeping Bronte-

– She’s a 5-star general in the fight against the ants.

– If you need a complex math problem solved she can (apparently) help. Basic math is out of the question though.

– She can distinguish mayonnaise from lotion. A useful skill when James is around.


Cons for keeping Bronte-

– Her voice. I’m sorry. I can’t deal with it.

– She gets butt hurt when people lie to her. As the wise DJ Khaled says, “Major key to success.”

– If you made a Venn diagram with Bronte on one side, and any five-year- old girl on the other… You would have more similarities than differences.

– Apparently she can’t control what comes out of her mouth, and I’m not here for her comments.


Like Cody 2.0 (Paulie), I have dubbed Tiffany as Vanessa 2.0. I still not sure how I feel about her. It seems like she could easily fall down that same rabbit hole of paranoia Vanessa did, or she could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

Pros for keeping Tiffany-

– She has the potential to be a great player.

– Thinking of all the Zings that Zingbot could throw her way gets me through those boring

moments on the feeds.

– She’s better at sleuthing than the Spy Girls.


Cons for keeping Tiffany-

– The Russo paranoia stresses me out.

– You can never really be certain which direction her switch will be flipped. Will she be chill, or will she be spazzy?

– One can only be so entertaining when they’re in bed for a majority of the day.


I think if Victor had more Big Brother knowledge before entering the house he could probably be a decent player. Alas, he doesn’t. And he’s really rude. Even I feel a sliver of pain for the other HG’s who have to deal with his comments.

Pros for keeping Victor-

– He seems to have the basic math skills that Bronte lacks.

– He’s what I imagine would happen if Orlando Bloom and Kit Harrington had a love child together.

– He can rock a man bun. I have to support a good man bun.


Cons for keeping Victor-

– His never ending stories make me long for Jozea’s delusional land (kind of).

– He’s trying to fight Bridgette for most annoying laugh.

– He’s watched Mean Girls one too many times. That’s got to be the explanation for his comments.

So unless something drastic happens, it looks like the 8-Pack’s second, and probably final target is going to meet Queen Julie tomorrow. I leave you with the suggestion to try and imagine the look on poor Natalie’s face if Victor’s man bun walked back into the house in a few weeks.