Big Brother 19 Eviction Predictions: Week 2- Will Paul Succeed in Evicting Cody?

Last week, Big Brother 19 gave us a very unpredictable outcome. Until the last minute, we had no clue who would be evicted: Jillian Parker or Christmas Abbott. The final vote depended on Big Brother 2017 houseguest Josh Martinez. The actual eviction turned out even more surprising, shocking, and spectacular than we all anticipated.

Big Brother 19 Week 2 Nominations

Going into Thursday, we didn’t know if the vote would end up 7 to 5, or 6 to 6. It ended up being an 8 to 4 vote with Kevin Schlehuber flipping to vote with the other side, and Josh picking Paul Abrahamian side over Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. Jillian went walking out of the Big Brother 19 door and into sequester.

Tonight, we should have a very predictable outcome. However, there might be some excitement from tonight’s Big Brother 19 episode. Paul planned to create a little confusion and paranoia during the eviction: he asked Kevin Schlehuber to vote out Ramses Soto. Additionally, after a crazy night, some houseguests may change their votes as well.

However, right now, we believe that almost everyone plans to vote out Cody, so that one odd vote will really shake things up and create a little mistrust in the house, especially after Cody exposed two people as traitors to Paul’s side.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian

Paul wants to use the hinky vote to turn suspicion to Jason Dent, which helps his target grow, but Jason may vote for Cody on his own. He told Cody he would vote against Ramses as sort of a vote of solidarity to Cody. Despite this, we expect Jason to chicken out in the end, and vote with the majority. However, if he does keep his vote on Ramses, that means Paul’s plan to blame Jason for the odd vote gets complicated.

For this week’s eviction, we expect an eight to two vote in favor of Cody’s eviction. The two votes in favor of Cody staying will be Jessica and Kevin. Cody may be leaving the Big Brother 19 house tonight, but we will have to wait to see if he returns via the Battle Back.

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