Big Brother 25 Episode 28 Recap: Mommas Rock The Block

After a tie-breaker Head of Household competition between Felicia Cannon and Bowie Jane, the winner was Bowie Jane by default. They had to guess how many seconds Jared Fields came back into the Big Brother 25 house (after his eviction) without going over, and Felicia went way over the correct number. Bowie Jane won HOH.

BB25 Bowie Jane

Bowie Jane is now tasked with nominating two Big Brother 25 houseguests to place on the block for potential eviction this week. She is tightly aligned with Cameron Hardins, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains, and they will most likely be safe from going on the block. Her most likely target is Cirie Fields and Felicia.

Big Brother 25 Week 10 HOH Competition Aftermath

With her HOH victory, this is Bowie Jane’s first win this season in Big Brother. Shockingly, she admitted in the diary room that she was trying to throw the competition and guessed an insanely low number so as not to win. That is a head-scratcher.

As Mecole Hayes was on her way out the door from being evicted, she announced that Cory, American, and Bowie Jane were in a secret alliance together. Cory told Bowie Jane she was their “third,” but they have not played much Big Brother together.

BB25 Mecole Hayes

Big Brother 25 Week 10 Block Nomination Talks

Cory wants to convince Bowie Jane that Blue Kim and Cameron are the best choices for this week’s block. Jag told Cory that would be a very difficult sell to Bowie Jane because she has been close with Cameron since the beginning of the game. Not to mention, Cameron is her closest ally in the Big Brother 25 house.

Jag will not join Cory for this pitch to Bowie Jane. He doesn’t want any part of this if it goes south, which it most likely will. Cory has to play his own game, according to Jag.

Cirie and Felicia want America and Cory to be the targets this week, but they know if they push that info to Bowie Jane, she most likely won’t listen. They need someone else to convince Bowie Jane to nominate America and Cory.

Big Brother 25 Felicia and Cirie

They approached Jag to do their dirty work. He feels he needs to keep Cory and America in the house as long as possible to keep the target off him. If they are evicted, he is afraid that he will become the next target in the Big Brother 25 house.

Jag and Matt spoke with Bowie Jane about nominations this week, and she is leaning toward Felicia and Cirie. Jag and Matt explained to Bowie Jane that they were not a threat to their games and could stay for easy targets later. Bowie Jabe feels like they are threats and need to go. She doesn’t want them to be dismissed so easily.

Jag mentioned Cameron and Blue as targets, and Bowie Jane said firmly she would not put up Cameron. She explained he could win comps for them, and he would protect Bowie Jane. Jag and Matt told Bowie they were happy with whatever she decided to do this week in the Big Brother 25 game.

Big Brother 25 Week 10 Block Nomination Ceremony

At the block nomination ceremony, Bowie Jane nominated Felicia and Cirie to the block for eviction. She explained there aren’t many people left in the game to nominate, and she hates doing this. She tried to make a joke and said,  “When in doubt, BLAME CORY.” She said it was just a joke and nothing was Cory’s fault. The houseguests didn’t seem to share her sense of humor.

Join us again on Wednesday, October 11, at 8 PM EST to see who wins the POV competition.


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