Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 13 Highlights: Cody Tries to Blow up Mark and Dominique’s Games

Big Brother 19 Live Feed watchers finally had an epic night of Big Brother 2017 action. It just took us a few days of boring feeds to get there. Yesterday, we revealed that Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were being a lot more social with the other Big Brother players. It was a weird change of pace, but now we know why.

Big Brother 19 Raven WaltonCody had a plan in motion to stir up some drama in the Big Brother 19 house. He wanted to set himself up to align with his biggest enemies, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott, in the event that he returned to the game through a Battle Back competition. He also wanted to try to position Jessicabetter in the Big Brother 2017 game. Cody used his last day in the house to create paranoia and chaos.

Cody Gives Christmas a Parting Gift

Big Brother Christmas Abbott

Christmas left the house to have her foot surgery. Before she left, Cody wanted to clear the air. Before the other Big Brother 19 houseguests woke up, Cody and Christmas had a long conversation.

He told her that Dominique Cooper and Mark Jansen were one of the reasons that she went on the block last week. We didn’t get much of Christmas’ reaction from this conversation, because she had to leave the Big Brother house almost immediately after it. Tonight we should find out if Christmas believed Cody, or if she was quick to dismiss his claims.

Raven Hurts Her Foot: The Big Brother 19 Curse Continues

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and Cody Nickson

As Raven Walton walked down the spiral stairs, she slipped and split her toe open. The Big Brother 2017 houseguests ran to her aid and carried her to the diary room. Raven returned to reveal that she needed stitches.

Much later, she went to the diary room again, where a doctor gave her stitches on her broken toe. Raven spoke about the doctor’s attempt to numb her foot failing, and that she felt the entire procedure. Most of the day, various male Big Brother 19 players carried her around, especially her showmance partner Matt Clines.

Jason’s Sloppy Birthday

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Paul Abrahamian

Like Dominique yesterday, Jason Dent celebrated his birthday this week in the Big Brother 19 house. Because he is a Have-Not, Jason couldn’t have a traditional cake. Therefore, before her injury, Raven baked him a slop soup cake.

It didn’t look great, but I’m sure Jason appreciated her effort.

Cody Blows It Up

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

Every Wednesday and Sunday, Dominique hosts her talk show. On it, she interrogates guests about their lives and the game. Dominique made a habit of having Wednesday’s episodes focus on the players nominated for eviction. She asked Cody several times to be a guest: he refused. However, Kevin Schlehuber decided to ask one more time.

To everyone’s shock, Cody agreed. Alex Ow went first with the interview: she shared her aspirations to be a swimsuit designer, the guys that she is dating in the outside world, and her journey so far in the Big Brother 19 game. Ramses went next and mainly talked about his sexuality and who he thought won the $25,000.

The final interview was with Cody. Cody’s interview started lighthearted. He talked about his hatred for Paul before even entering the game. However, when it switched to more specific game talk and his former alliance, things got intense. Cody dropped a bomb on the Big Brother 19 house by implying two people knew he would nominate Paul and Christmas for eviction. Jessica sat and watched in horror.

Mark started to get upset, and then badgered Cody about the ‘two people’ who Cody claimed knew about his plans. He refused to name people in front of the whole house.

Big Brother 19 Cast

After the interview, the house was a paranoid mess. Paul and Cody went to a room alone, where Cody told him that Mark knew about Paul going on the block, and that Dominique and him told Cody to get out Christmas.

Later Paul reassured his alliance that he didn’t believe anything Cody said. However, it did seem that the things Cody said started to create worry for Paul, especially about Dominique. Raven, Matt, and Paul discussed not liking Dominique’s questions. They felt she was doing some damage to their Big Brother game by being so direct with game questions.

The rest of the night was Paul trying to reassure everyone that things were okay, but still trying to get to the root of the truth. Cody may not have saved his Big Brother 19 game with ths actions, but it seems to have cracked the power alliance even more.

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