Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 12 Highlights: Is Kevin’s Game in Danger?

It’s a slow march to Cody Nickson’s Big Brother 19 eviction. Only one more day until the house votes him out, and then we see a game reset with a new target emerging in the Big Brother 19 house. Most of this week’s conversation revolved less around Cody being evicted or not evicted, but around who to get out of the Big Brother 2017 house next.

Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto

One side of the big power alliance wants to go after Jessica Graf, and just have a clean eviction sweep of the Jody (Jessica and Cody) showmance. The second half claim that they don’t see Jessica as a threat (but we suspect they have different motives for wanting to protect her). These players don’t mind keeping her around for a few weeks while the house goes after bigger outsider threats, like Ramses Soto and Jason Dent.

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Alex Grows Frustrated

Big Brother 19 Alex Ow and Jason Dent

Alex Ow and Jason had their usual game talks, but this time Alex expressed a lot of frustration with the way the other houseguests are playing the game. She doesn’t understand why everyone claims that they just want to get to jury. Alex isn’t playing for jury, she’s playing to win.

Several players have commented that they just want to make it to jury, or their mission is to help certain other players get far. Of course, this could be a strategy to seem like less of a threat. However, we’re not too sure, so we get Alex’s frustration with these houseguests’ mentality.

The Outsiders Grow Suspicious of Kevin

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin Schlehuber has been playing a very under the radar game. However, today Alex started to notice that Kevin has been acting weird and shifty. Much later in the night, Ramses took some time to try to convince Alex and Jason that he didn’t vote out Jillian Parker.

He told them to watch Kevin, and see how he spends a lot of time in the Head of Household room. We’re not sure yet if it’s all sinking in, but Kevin might be in more trouble than he realizes.

Elena and Mark Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

Big Brother 19 Marlena (Mark Jansen and Elena Davies)

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies have allegedly had sex in the Big Brother house. This became a major topic of discussion in the early Big Brother hours. Originally neither of them thought about the consequences of having sex on a show with 24/7 camera access.

However, later on they both worried about what the cameras caught. Dominique Cooper acted as the couple’s therapist as she calmed, soothed, and helped repair the Mark and Elena drama that came with their intimacy.

Jessica and Cody Play Nice

Big Brother Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Mid-day Jessica had a bit of a meltdown. She started crying realizing that there was really nothing they could do to save Cody this week, and her own personal issues in the Big Brother house. She sought comfort from Cody and Raven Walton.

This meltdown seemed to have inspired some sort of nicer outlook on the game, because Jessica and Cody left their isolation to actually socialize within the house. It not only shocked the Big Brother Live Feed watchers, but the houseguests as well.

Other Noteworthy Moments

Big Brother 19 Dominique Cooper and Raven Walton

  • Christmas Abbott is questioning her partnership with Paul Abrahamian.
  • A few players discussed the possibility of evicting Paul soon.
  • Christmas got some pink padding for her crutches. She packed her bags for her surgery that is scheduled for today. She won’t return until Thursday, before eviction.
  • More Dominique birthday celebration.
  • Jason’s birthday is today. The houseguests started the celebration by attacking him with pillows at midnight.

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