If you haven’t yet caught up on the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s Live Feeds, we urge you to do that right now over here before reading any further. Something momentous and absolutely unexpected happened late last night that left us reeling and wondering what the hell was going on inside the Big Brother 15 house. You really want to have the full context of how everything went down yesterday to understand how shocked we were by the turn of events on Monday night.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Monday Live Feeds Highlights (33)

Those of us who witnessed what we can only refer to as “the horror” on the Big Brother Live Feeds were left with with several big, glaring questions… was Elissa Slater pushed by production to team up with arch nemesis Amanda Zuckerman this week? Will this ambitious new plan to upset what seemed like a guaranteed eviction on Thursday actually work?

And if it does, will fans ever forgive CBS if they really did influence Elissa to lead a plan to flip the vote? Keep on reading for our thoughts on this new controversy about how much power production has over the decisions of the HouseGuests!

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Yesterday on the Live Feeds, eviction nominee Amanda had all but given up on any chance she might be saved this week. She alternated between b*tching and crying most of the day, most of the time while she was wrapped around showmance boyfriend McCrae in bed. She did attempt a bit of campaigning to Elissa and Judd but her heart really didn’t seem to be in it.

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We didn’t really see any strong indication that anyone was listening or planned on throwing any support to Amanda — including Elissa. In fact, if anything, Elissa seemed pretty bored by Amanda’s attempts to enlist her support around 10:30 PM BBT. Earlier in the day, Elissa was totally trash talking Amanda to GinaMarie and discussing how psycho she is.

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Flash forward to 12:38 AM BBT on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds. Feeds are on fish briefly and then all four cameras are on GinaMarie staring into space in the Head of Household room for several minutes. Finally we have cameras switch over to Elissa in the kitchen finishing up some dishes and then wiggling her finger to Amanda to follow her. Elissa has just come out of the Diary Room where she was talking with production. We do not know what was said but all of a sudden she wants to talk to Amanda. She grabs her and hauls her off to talk to her in the Lounge.

As soon as the door is closed, Elissa smiles really big and says “I want to vote for you to stay.” Amanda makes a face and says, “Come on.” Elissa says, no really, I trust you and McCrae over Spencer and Andy. She swears to god she will vote to keep Amanda. Elissa says her heart tells her to trust Amanda and McCrae more than Andy, GinaMarie or Judd. She tells Amanda she has to swear on her life to take her to the final three with her and McCrae. Amanda says “oh my god, I feel like I was dying and you just saved me.” Elissa swears again she will vote to save her. Amanda swears again that she would take Elissa to final four with Andy and then final three with her and McCrae.

Ninja Andy pops up and both girls immediately include him in the plan. To say he is shocked as hell is an understatement. Elissa tells him that she thinks they should do a final four with the three of them and McCrae. He makes amazing shocked faces and says he can’t talk right now. Elissa says she feels more of a connection with the two of them than with GinaMarie and Judd, etc. Andy tells them to keep talking and they will connect later.

A few minutes later, Elissa corners Andy and campaigns him to jump on board the ‘save Amanda’ train. He gives her a whole lot of positive noises and he says he wants to work with her and he can see the sense in her plan. But he says they need to think about it and they will talk more later.

You can jump on over to our Big Brother 15 Live Feeds recap for Monday to read about the aftermath of all this on the Live Feeds and whether or not it looks likely this plan will actually succeed. The resounding question we are hearing from fans on Twitter and Facebook, however, is WHY Elissa suddenly decided to switch over to the dark side and is now claiming she wants to keep Amanda.

Many fans have noted that Elissa spent time in the Diary Room with production right before telling Amanda that she wanted to switch her vote to keep her. We also note ourselves that Elissa did not seem to have any plans of switching her vote until after her Diary Room session last night. So, the question has be raised… how much influence did production have in Elissa changing her mind and deciding to support Amanda rather than wanting her hated enemy booted out the door on Thursday?

We probably will never know if production pushed Elissa to make a deal with Amanda or if they maybe just influenced her that it might be the best game move to make it to the final three. We do know from what HouseGuests have said every season that production does push and they do influence the players about game moves. However, we don’t know how much they push, if they actually tell the HouseGuests what to do specifically, or if the players get some sort of compensation for making game moves production wants.

If Amanda Zuckerman does not get evicted on Thursday, there are quite a lot of fans out there who swear they will cry foul against production and never watch the show again. We get a lot of that every season usually around some HouseGuest or another that fans perceive as a production favorite. But with all the conspiracy theories going around about Big Brother 15 being rigged for Amanda to win — some of those fans might well be truly serious this time around about abandoning the show for good.

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