Big Brother 15 Spoilers: GinaMarie Makes Racist Remarks About Elissa’s Son

9-3-2013 03-35-47 PMLate last night on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds, GinaMarie Zimmerman unfortunately reminded us why this is one of the most offensive, derogatory and disgusting casts in the show’s history. We had kind of forgotten that GinaMarie has been just as guilty of saying horrible things as Aaryn Gries or Amanda Zuckerman this season. After watching her finally make the move to break up the McCranda showmance that everyone else seemed to be afraid of, we were actually rooting for her a bit.

Until last night, when we were confronted once again with GinaMarie’s blatant racism. Which, of course, made us remember all the other terrible things she has said previously on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds, like calling welfare “n*****” insurance.” Oh, and all those laughing chat sessions she shared with Aaryn laced with racist remarks about Candice Stewart and Helen Kim. And, damn, yeah — those absolutely inexcusable things she said about Candice being adopted and how that made her less of a person.

If anything, however, GinaMarie Zimmerman’s nasty commentary last night was worse than anything else she has said so far. Why? Because this time she stooped to attacking a child.

We prefer to bring you fun and positive Big Brother spoilers but we just had to share this for anyone who is on Team GinaMarie — you might just want to reconsider.

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While smack talking about Elissa Slater with her Exterminators alliance members Andy Herren, Judd Daughtery and Spencer Clawson around 3:05 AM BBT on Tuesday, GM went way too far. We won’t forget again after this exchange why we did not like GinaMarie and why we do not want her ending up in the finale.

Flashing back to the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds last night, Andy remarked that none of Elissa’s photos from her Head of Household room looked like her and he found that perplexing. Spencer agrees. GinaMarie says Elissa said she never had her heartbroken or been in a bad relationship. “The only relationship that ever lasted was an eight-year relationship. I’m like, oh, an eight-year relationship, isn’t your son eight?” Then it gets nasty.

9-3-2013 03-36-03 PM“Obviously [her son] is not with that f**king guy [her husband]. She probably got f**king knocked up when she was 16… and then she met her husband like last year… she didn’t even want to tell us her anniversary.” Spencer chimes in to say “I think she dated a guy from the time that she was 12 to like 20, then she got knocked up and married this old boy.” Andy says Elissa “my little boy’s Dad… she doesn’t say her husband.”

GinaMarie pipes up again to say Elissa’s son “looks like a f**king Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f**ing…” and there is “no way that white guy [Elissa’s husband] is her kid’s dad.” Judd interjects that they shouldn’t talk about Elissa’s son, which is the first thing he’s said during this part of the conversation. He’s obviously uncomfortable with the remarks being made.

Judd is a misogynistic a**hole who uses the c*** word far too often. But we’re glad he said something at least, unlike Spencer and Andy, who didn’t even blink at GM bashing this poor child and calling him illegitimate and using racist remarks to describe him. Shame on Andy and Spencer for even participating in this conversation in the first place.

Honestly, we don’t even know who we want to win at this point out of who is left in the competition. Maybe McCrae, maybe Elissa, they seem the least of all evils. But everyone in this house just kind of disgusts us to the bone this season.

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