Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Surprise Eviction, Schedule Until the Finale

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Sunday Live Feeds (14)The Big Brother 15 schedule is getting a shakeup from now until the finale on September 15! Keep on reading to find out what is going to happen when in the last two weeks before we find out who won Big Brother 2013. It all starts on Tuesday with a surprise eviction inside the house, followed by an immediate plunge into the next Head of Household Competition and Power of Veto Competition. Then on Thursday, we’ll have a live Power of Veto Ceremony and eviction show with another HouseGuest headed to the Jury.

The voting members of the Big Brother 15 cast this week seem to have settled on who they are going to kick out of the house next. They just don’t know yet that it is going to happen on Tuesday in a surprise eviction, rather than on Thursday night. Unfortunately it looks like we won’t officially find out who gets the boot until the CBS show on Wednesday. That’s right, no spoilers!

From what we’re hearing, the Big Brother Live Feeds will go off before the eviction on Tuesday and they won’t come back on until after the network show on Wednesday night. We’ll also miss out on watching the Head of Household Competition and Power of Veto Competition, which will also take place before the Live Feeds come back on. On Wednesday night, we’ll find out the results of the surprise eviction, the Head of Household Competition and possibly the Power of Veto Competition as well.

On Thursday night, Sept. 12, we’ll have the live Power of Veto Ceremony and find out who the final eviction nominees will be for the week. Then we’ll have another live eviction, followed by part one of the final Head of Household Competition. Part two of the final HoH Comp will take place on Saturday. On Sunday, Sept. 16, we’ll have a greatest hits show showing highlights from the season so far.

Next Wednesday, Sept. 18 will be Big Brother 15 finale night. We’ll see the rest of the final Head of Household Competition before the final vote to determine which of the last two HouseGuests will win a half million dollars. America’s Favorite will also be announced, and everyone in the world may be shocked if it doesn’t end up being Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa Slater.

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