Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Will Be Evicted in Week 10?

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (33)The second Big Brother 15 double eviction of the season will take place tomorrow night and the HouseGuests are scheming madly to keep themselves from going up on the block. They aren’t supposed to know yet that two people will be going to Jury this week but many of them suspect it’s going to happen.

Predicting who will be evicted on Big Brother in a double eviction is always tricky. We are pretty solid on who is going to get sent out the door in the first eviction of the night. The second round, however, is nearly impossible to figure out in advance. It all really depends on who wins Head of Household and who wins Power of Veto. However, there are some clues to what may happen depending on who wins what.

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Amanda Zuckerman and Spencer Clawson are on the block this week and once again, Spencer is the professional pawn. Amanda thinks that a sudden change of heart by Elissa may actually save her on Thursday. Elissa came to her earlier this week and swore that she wanted to keep Amanda in the house rather than Spencer because it was better for her game. (And everyone, including some of the HouseGuests, thinks production was involved in that move.)

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (7)Amanda and Elissa seem to have a solid deal in place. Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring as collateral to prove her loyalty. Amanda gave Elissa her gold earrings and a promise to keep her safe to the top three. Both of them also think they have Andy in their corner and he is going to vote with Elissa and McCrae to save Amanda.

Andy is not going to vote with them. In fact, he is conspiring to betray Amanda and then blame the failed save vote on Elissa. He has been talking about this plan repeatedly with his new The Exterminators alliance with GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer. What’s hilarious is that McCrae and Amanda have told Andy that if something goes wrong with the vote because Elissa betrays them, then they will act all angry at Andy like he betrayed them so the other HouseGuests don’t target him. Meanwhile, he plans to act all angry at Elissa like she betrayed the vote so McCrae will think Elissa is the bad guy, not him. It’s crazy town.

So, unless something drastic changes overnight (like Judd’s fear that production will give her a diamond veto power), Amanda will be the first person voted out in the double eviction on Thursday. That’s when things get complicated.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Tuesday Live Feeds Highlights (3)With Amanda out of the house, Elissa is basically on her own again. She is currently sort of teamed up with McCrae too but if he thinks she betrayed Amanda in the vote, that will be over.

So unless Elissa wins Head of Household, she is most likely to be the number one target in the second half of the double eviction. If she does win HoH, then we expect the main target to switch over to McCrae since he now has no real allies in the house.

If they are lucky, The Exterminators alliance of Andy, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie have good odds to survive this double eviction intact with all members still in the house. If that happens, whoever ends up as the spare is in big trouble next week.

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