Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Eviction Night and Day 13 Highlights

Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 will be the third eviction of the season.  Louie Spence, Sophie Anderton, Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries, and Bruce Jones all face the public vote.  The Eviction will be hosted by Emma Willis in front of a live audience.


The Highlights of Day 13 will cover the second day of this week’s shopping task.  The HouseGuests had to surrender all of their food and are only allowed to eat slop.  They are under the impression that “prisoners” Carol McGiffin, Mario Falcone, and Lauren Harries are being subjected to the same diet when in fact they are living in the lap of luxury.  Will the HouseGuest’s be able to save one of the prisoner’s from a possible eviction? Could there be another twist to the shopping task? All will be revealed in tonight’s live Eviction show.

Pt. 1

Its live show time, Emma Willis lists off each of the nominee’s names, Louie and Courtney get cheers from the audience, Lauren and Bruce get a mixed reaction and Sophie gets all boos.  Highlights from yesterday start off with the “prisoners” in their luxury prison enjoying pastries for breakfast.

As part of the shopping task Courtney made a deal with Big Brother that she would wear a shabby over-sized jump suit and relinquish all of her things in exchange for a meeting with her husband.  This morning she is not wearing the suit, and refusing to put it on when Big Brother reminds her that she should be wearing it. Carol, Mario, and Lauren are watching Courtney from the prison and are disgusted by her selfishness.  It was clearly stated to the entire group that one of the prisoners would be evicted if they did not pass each part of the Shopping Task.  Lauren is also upset by the fact that Courtney hasn’t mentioned missing Lauren since she was sent to prison.

In the Diary Room, Courtney is talking to Big Brother about why she does not have the suit on.  Courtney says that she wore it yesterday but can’t do it any longer.  The outfit makes her feel like crap and she thinks that it was designed with the intentions of making her feel bad.  Big Brother asks her if she is okay with one of her housemates being evicted because she won’t put it on, and she says that she knows it sounds terrible but yes she is okay with it.  “I can’t slip my tush into that garbage man outfit ever again.”  Mario, Lauren, and Carol can see her chat with Big Brother and they are completely horrified, Lauren says that she is done with Courtney from this point on.

In the living room Dustin Diamond, Louie, Vicky Entwhistle and Bruce are discussing Courtney’s refusal to wear the outfit.  Diamond just doesn’t understand what the big deal is about wearing it.  Louie points out that Courtney was the only one in the entire group who got to see a loved one, she should be able to grin and bear anything for that luxury and be respectful of the other HouseGuest’s feelings.

Courtney comes out from the Diary Room and Dustin tells her that if she doesn’t put the outfit on they may be denied food.  Courtney still says no.  Vicky sits down next to her and tells her that the entire group may have to do horrible things if she doesn’t do it.  She needs to be a team player and think about how everyone else feels.  Courtney starts to cry and agrees to go with Vicky and put it on.  Louie tells Courtney in the bedroom that he doesn’t care what her decision is but she should take into consideration how fortunate she was to see her husband Doug Hutchison, and that no one else got to do that.  Courtney says that’s a good way to look at it and puts the outfit on. Carol, Mario and Lauren are fuming in the Diary Room while watching this all play out.

The next part of the Shopping Task is shown, Abz Love performs one of his band’s songs on a fake mini stage.  He does a great performance and the group really enjoys it.  Charlotte is in the Diary Room venting her frustrations about missing Mario and Carol.  She still loves Courtney but feels disappointed in her.  Carol, Mario and Lauren all agree that Dustin, Courtney and Sophie all come across very differently when you watch them compared to when they are around them.

Bruce and Vicky are next in the Shopping Task, they have to act out a soap scene in which they must give brutally honest opinions about the fellow HouseGuests.

The HouseGuests are now all sitting in the living room, Mr. Big comes on the TV and exposes the truth behind the prison task.  They watch footage of the Lauren, Mario, and Carol eating delicious foods and talking about the rest of the group.  Mr. Big says that the group’s efforts to comply have been pathetic and one of the imprisoned HouseGuests must be evicted immediately.  Lauren is exempt because she is already up for eviction.  The all have one minute to write down whether they want to evict Carol or Mario, Charlotte starts to cry because they are her closest friends in the house.  Louie reminds her that it is just a game.

Abz picks Carol, Dustin picks Carol, Bruce picks Carol, Louie picks Carol, Vicky picks Carol, Charlotte picks Mario, and Sophie picks Carol.

Carol is evicted and is given 30 seconds to say goodbye to Mario and Lauren.  Carol exits into the Diary Room and starts to cry.  Big Brother tells her that she was not really evicted and she is part of a new task to trick the other HouseGuests.  She is instructed to go back to the luxury prison where she will continue to watch her housemate’s every move. She will re-join the house during the live broad cast for eviction night.

Courtney is whispering with Lauren in the living room.  Courtney thought that the prisoners were going to be picking someone to get evicted and that if she acted like a brat about the suit they would chose her.

Louie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother, he was surprised at the level of anger some people showed while voting for Carol earlier. He doesn’t care what people say about him or what he says about everyone else.  They all talk about each other, it’s the nature of the game.

Courtney is outside with Lauren talking, Courtney says that their friendship is genuine and instructs Lauren to not jump to conclusions if she does something out of the ordinary.  Lauren throws Mario and Carol under the bus and says that they complained about Courtney incessantly and that was where her frustrations came from.  She tells Courtney that she is too sweet and innocent and to never change.

Charlotte is in the Diary Room crying, she misses Carol terribly and feels like she has no one to spend time with now.  Charlotte appreciates Carol’s personality and grumpiness.  Emma Willis announces that Lauren is safe from Eviction. The second part of Eviction night will be on in an hour.

Pt. 2

The second part of Eviction night starts with live footage of the HouseGuests in the living room eagerly awaiting the results.  Sophie Anderton is announced as the third celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2013.  She receives heavy boos from the crowd upon exiting the house.

Interview with Emma

Sophie says that she was expecting boos from the crowd, and she knows to take it on the chin.  Sophie also says that she is not surprised by being evicted, she expected it.  When she signed on to do the show she made a goal of lasting two weeks, and that is what she did, so she is happy with herself.  She is starving and relieved to be able to eat what she wants again.

Emma asks Sophie how she felt about Abz nominating her. She replies that Abz is a very different person now from when she knew him before.  She also feels that they approach their recovery differently.  Saint Sophie is out trying to save the world from doing drugs and Abz chooses to keep his personal struggles…….personal. Shocking!  This is the same woman who got rip roaring drunk the first night in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house.

Emma points out that Sophie received a lot of nominations for being bossy and a know it all. Sophie quickly replies “can I just say, pot calling kettle black.”  She goes on to defend herself by saying that she wasn’t bossy at all but situations did arise that forced her to be bossy.  Emma shows a montage of Sophie’s behavior and she admits that it is cringe-worthy.

Emma asks if she was aware that she was bothering people.  She was only aware that she was bothering Louie, Carol, and Abz.  Sophie hopes that Mario or Charlotte win, she loved her talks with Vicky and grew too really like Courtney.

Inside the house, the doorbell rings and Carol re-enters the house Celebrity Big Brother house.  Carol screams surprise and several of the HouseGuests swarm her with hugs.  Carol then shouts “its payback time.”

Big Brother gathers everyone in the living room and announces that Carol has been watching their every move.  Big Brother asks Carol to stand up and nominate one housemate to face eviction on Friday and give her reasons why.  Carol chooses Courtney because she is really disappointed that Courtney couldn’t get her head around the fact that she got the biggest treat and she wasn’t willing to pay for it.  She goes on to say that she was also disappointed in what Courtney said when she nominated Carol yesterday.  Carol was surprised that Courtney said they never had a meaningful conversation.  Carol went on to say that Courtney was right, they have never had a proper conversation and never will as long as there are mirrors around.  Courtney laughs it off and says that they will have to cover up the mirrors.   Tomorrow’s episode will show highlights of Eviction day and face to face nominations made by the entire group.


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