Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 2.5 Eviction Prediction- Is it the End for Joey or Kandi?

This week in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house, the vote will come down to who Tamar Braxton wants to evict. The house is divided between Tom Green and Kato Kaelin‘s team, and Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones‘s team.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Kandi Burruss

Tom and Kato’s team wants to keep Kandi Burruss because they believe that she will be easier to beat in the HoH competition. Joey Lawrence will be harder to beat, and they’re not sure if he’s really with them or Lolo, Eva Marie, and Ricky Williams. Tom and Kato have three votes: Kato’s vote, Dina Lohan‘s vote, and Tom’s vote in the case of a tie. They need one more vote to secure that Kandi stays.

On Lolo and Eva Marie’s side, they also have three votes: Lolo’s vote, Ricky’s vote, and Eva Marie’s vote. They need one more to secure that Joey stays. They want to keep him because they believe that he’ll help them take out Tom and Kato.

Tamar has told both Joey and Kandi that she will vote to save them. Kandi and her have repaired their friendship, so she doesn’t want to ruin it again on the outside by betraying her in the house. However, she also knows that Kandi is playing a more passive game. Joey could help her get further in the game. It will really depend on last minute pitches.

Celebrity Big Brother-Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton

Another reason Tamar might not vote to save Kandi is because it would benefit Kato and Tom, and she doesn’t want anything to do with them at the moment.

In the end, we see the votes going as followed:

Eva Marie votes to evict Kandi
Lolo votes to evict Kandi
Ricky votes to evict Kandi
Dina votes to. evict Joey
Kato votes to evict Joey
Tamar votes to evict Kandi

It could really go either way tonight, but we see Tamar warning Kandi beforehand but ultimately voting her out.

Celebrity Big Brother-Joey Lawrence

Who do you think Tamar will vote out on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother Live Eviction?

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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