!SPOILER ALERT: Big Brother 12 Head of Household Week 8

Last night’s Big Brother 12 live double eviction episode was serious fun to watch, but we were disappointed the show ended before the second Head of Household was named! So, of course, we had to head directly over to the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds to see what happened next.

We ended up waiting a few hours for Big Brother to set up for the second Head of Household Competition. Meanwhile, we vicariously enjoyed the Houseguests deal with the shock of a double eviction and the idea of facing another HOH contest so soon.

At last the production crew was ready and the final five Houseguests competed for Head of Household for the second time in one day. We didn’t get to see the competition, of course, they’re saving that for the next CBS show. We can, however, tell you the winner and who we suspect that person will be putting up for nominations! If you want to know, just click next to the SPOILER tag below.

Believe it or not, Lane has finally won something! Lane is now the new Head of Household. He is expected to make his nominations Friday night.

[spoiler name=”SPOILER: Head of Household Week 8″]

We are predicting Lane will absolutely put up Ragan on the block and will probably throw up Britney as well due to his loyalty to Brigade members Enzo and Hayden. Sadly for Ragan, Lane will no doubt convince the other guys to vote him out and save his psuedo girlfriend Britney unless Ragan can somehow wriggle himself off the block yet again.


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