Big Brother 12: Double Eviction and HOH Competition Week 7

Warning to all! If you have not seen Thursday night’s Big Brother 12 eviction and Head of Household competition episode, STOP READING NOW! This is an official SPOILER ALERT for those of you on the west coast or anyone waiting to catch it later on your DVR.

Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 12 was the dreaded double eviction for the Houseguests and what happened will change the entire nature of the game!

When we last left our Big Brother Houseguests, Britney was the Head of Household and had nominated Brendon and Enzo for elimination. Brendon, however, won the Power of Veto Competition and removed himself from the block. Britney was forced to name a replacement for Brendon and — after much pressure from the rest of the Houseguests — nominated Matt.

During the Live Eviction vote on Big Brother 12 Thursday night, the Houseguests unanimously decided to evict Matt by a vote of 4 to 0. That’s right; the self-proclaimed diabolical genius is now headed off to the Jury House. Bye Matt! Consider it karma for lying about your wife having a terrible disease and backstabbing your BFF Ragan in the house to try to save your own ass!

In the “Delivering the Goods” Head of Household Competition, Hayden came out the winner and nominated Brendon and Ragan to go up for eviction in the second elimination. Pretty good timing for Hayden to FINALLY win something (other than self-indulgent prizes)!

All the Houseguests were included in the Power of Veto Competition and after 6 rounds of competition, Ragan ended up as the winner. Of course, Ragan used the Power of Veto to remove himself from the block. They just can’t seem to get rid of that boy can they?

Hayden, forced to nominate a replacement for Ragan, put Britney up on the block – protecting his remaining Brigade alliance members, Enzo and Lane.

For the second eviction of the night, the Houseguests voted unanimously 3 to 0 to evict Brendon from the house. He can finally go off to the Jury House and reunite with his red-haired demon girlfriend Rachel – yuck!

The second Head of Household competition will take place sometime before Sunday’s show, so keep your eyes peeled on the Big Brother Live Feeds to catch all the action as it happens. Check out a 3-Day Free Trial here!


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