Does Enzo Deserve a Penalty Vote for Eating Violations?

Big Brother 12 EnzoIn the Big Brother 12 house, there are the Haves and there are the Have-Nots. Have-Nots are forced to sleep in a room full of gross things in jars on bare bones cots with no extra comforts. They are also required to eat only “slop” and whatever two other items America votes for them to have.

This week, the Have-Nots were given bean dip and broccoli by America to eat with their slop. At least one Houseguest, however, has apparently decided he is unhappy enough with those cuisine choices to risk getting thrown out of the Big Brother house.

That Houseguest is “meow-meow” Jersey boy Enzo. According to viewers of the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds, Enzo has been guilty at least twice (or more) of eating non-allowed items as a Have-Not. Enzo definitely consumed a piece of pizza when he was supposed to only be eating slop. He was warned not to do it again by the Big Brother Powers-That-Be.

Big Brother 12 Enzo

On Tuesday, 8/24, around 1:14 AM BBT (Big Brother Time), Enzo was seen pulling something out of his penguin costume and shoving it in his mouth. (Check it out using the Live Feeds Rewind – 3-Day Free Trial here.) There are also those peanuts Hayden through at him that somehow ended up in his mouth.

Enzo received a warning over the pizza incident, but as far as we know, Big Brother has not punished him for the repeated violations. Many fans are wondering why he hasn’t been given a penalty vote for blatantly breaking the rules or at least given some kind of punishment. Not only do we have the food issues, but Enzo has also reportedly been guilty of not wearing the penguin costume he was assigned the way he is supposed to – not wearing the hood and taking it off and going without it when he shouldn’t.

If you watched the show last year,  Houseguests Kevin and Jeff were punished for eating things they weren’t allowed by getting an extra day of slop. Jen on Big Brother 8 got sick of Have-Not food and ate an apple. She was given a penalty vote. A penalty vote for Enzo would mean an extra vote to send him to the Jury House this week.

We think Enzo deserves to get punished if he can’t follow the rules of the game as instructed. We think Big Brother also needs to be consistent if they tell someone they are going to get in trouble for doing something. In previous years, Houseguests have received punishments for rule violations and we don’t think Enzo should be any exception.

What do you think? Does Enzo deserve a penalty vote or some other kind of punishment for breaking the eating rules? Even if it meant that he would get eliminated in the next eviction istead of Matt?

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