Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Lane Elenburg

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Lane Elenburg

Lane Elenburg, 24, is an Oil Rig Salesman from Decatur Texas. He describes himself as “funny, outgoing, athletic” and enjoys “Working out, riding motorcycles, going out with friends and playing golf.”

The hardest thing about living in the Big Brother house for Lane is “sharing a bathroom with my fellow Houseguests.” We wonder if that’s because he always looks like he’s been slicked up like a greased pig somehow. Does he have special body oil that makes him glisten all the time like that and he needs private bathroom space for his ritual coating?

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More Tidbits About Lane Elenburg

Lane is, weirdly enough, afraid of electric fences. We think that is a very disturbing kind of paranoia because fences can’t get up and chase you. They just sit there. Why be afraid of something that can’t hurt you unless you intentionally let it do so?

This oil rig salesman – and that must be a fun job right now – also knows how to show off his cocky side. He says that since he works in public relations, he “can twist and play every person in that house which should enable me to come out on top.” Those are fighting words Lane!

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Sleuthing Lane:

Apparently well aware that the muscle in his head may not quite compare to the ones on his biceps, Lane thinks as a “big guy” he needs to find a “smart guy” to team up with. “I have to find a ‘brain’ for the ‘meat head.'” Elenburg told People. So now he’s hooked up with Matt, Hayden and Enzo in the Brigade alliance. Well, Matt thinks he is a genius… but we’re not sure we agree he’s the “smart guy” of any kind of operation.

Lane has two siblings, a brother and a sister, both of whom live in Fort Worth. He is also a biker with a “hellbound steel wicked chopper” and it seems like he’s going to miss his bike almost more than his dog. He’s also single, which doesn’t really surprise us much.

According to Lane, everyone knows he is a “cheater and a liar” and he plans to use those skills in the Big Brother house. He also plans to ‘flirt with the ladies’ if it will help him in the game. We wouldn’t touch him, but you never know those BB girls…

The age and location are not quite right but we did find it interesting there is a Lane Elenburg of similar physical type listed at The profile says this guy’s “life is already a reality show I’m just missing the cameras.” Apparently BB12‘s Lane is not very unique as a human being out there…

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Our Thoughts on Lane:

We can see Lane mucking things up for himself and others in the house out of being a complete clueless dork. We can also see him trying to get all ‘macho’ and pissy with the other guys if provoked. On the other hand, somehow we feel he’s kind of intimidated by any strong women in the cast… We’d like to see Lane hook up with Britney at this point, we think there might be a little chemistry going on there…

Chances of Winning:

Unless something crazy happens in the house, we are not predicting Lane to come out on top of Big Brother 12. Nothing about this guy really stands out. He seems easily expendable, even to his own alliance really.  He’s not even that cute. And did we mention that he looks all greasy and sweaty ALL the time? It’s creepy.

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