Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 9/08/2017

It has been a long Big Brother 19 night. The double eviction rocked the Big Brother house by sending Jason Dent and Raven Walton to the Big Brother jury house. This left at least four players confused about their final or eventual game fate.

Big Brother 19 Cast

Kevin Schlehuber didn’t know who to trust, or what was going on in the Big Brother game. After he went on the block twice during the double eviction, Kevin was sure that he would be the next player out of the house. He was wrong both times. Raven thought she had formed a new alliance with Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Paul Abrahamian. She thought they would collectively protect her from eviction. Raven was also wrong.

Jason and Alex Ow thought that they were sitting pretty and safe until the final three Big Brother 19 players. They were the houseguests most wrong about their potential fate. Jason was the ultimate target for the week, and they executed his eviction flawlessly. Alex was the secondary target, but her competition prowess kept her safe.

After all was said and done, Alex is still the target. Once the Big Brother Live Feeds returned, Paul and Christmas talked about Josh taking this week’s Head of Household competition. On Thursday’s Live Eviction, we saw a clip of the ‘Revengers’ trailer which showed former houseguests dressed up as their Big Brother comics characters.

This let us know that this Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition should have been the usual Big Brother comics competition, where they had to match comics with their counterparts. However, the houseguests revealed that the actual competition was only a prequel to the BBcomics one. The Power of veto competition will be the actual BBcomics where they get to see and match everyone’s characters.

So did everything go according to Paul’s plan yet again? Read below to find out.



Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez and Alex Ow

In the end, everyone played but Christmas (due to medical reasons) and Alex (as outgoing Head of Household). As planned, Josh Martinez won this week’s Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition.

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