Big Brother 17 Recap: Bounce Those Checks Baby! 8/2/2015

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother 17 this week, and which two Houseguests will they put up for eviction? We’ll find all that out tonight on the CBS show, if you haven’t already scoped out the Big Brother spoilers in advance.

If you are curious about the title of our recap tonight, let’s just give you a hint that the new HoH told one of their allies that ‘this is Big Brother and you can bounce checks’. You’ll have to wait and see exactly what they were referring to, if you don’t know already.

The Battle of the Block is gone, so that means this week’s eviction nominees will only have one chance to save themselves at the Power of Veto Competition. Frankly, we are thrilled to see the end of BotB. Instead of becoming an epic battle between Heads of Household, it had just become a stale game of throwing pawns on the block and telling them to lose the competition. Boring!

On Big Brother tonight, we’ll get back to basics with an awesome endurance challenge to determine the next (and solo) Head of Household for week 6. We watched the whole thing play out on the Big Brother Live Feeds and it was crazy fun! Sadly, CBS viewers will only get a small taste of the competition, which lasted for two hours and left one contestant with some nasty chest bruising!

Once the new Head of Household is determined, we’ll move on to hashing out the plan for who will be nominated for eviction on Big Brother this week. Will we continue with the status quo in the house where Clay, Vanessa, and Shelli pick off the other side one by one? Or will a shift in power put the major alliance in the house in the target sites at last?

If you can’t wait to find outt, you can check out the results for the HoH Competition, Nomination Ceremony, Power of Veto Competition and more on our Big Brother spoilers page!

Now let’s on with the show!

After a brief recap of Thursday’s episode, we’re plunged back into the midst of the Head of Household Competition. We already saw how this played out on the Big Brother Live Feeds, but we are happy to watch the highlights again. What a great comp!

We have all the classic goodies of a nasty endurance competition. We have the Houseguests hanging on tiny, tilting ledges being pelted by fake bird crap, torrents of rain and blowing wind, and battered with flying objects. The Houseguests are obviously suffering and in pain, some more than others. Everyone will be feeling this one for the next few days.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (6)

Meg says the stakes are the highest they have ever been for this Head of Household Competition, and for her and her allies it is true. If one of them doesn’t win, it’s very likely another target of The Sixth Sense is going down.

Vanessa is almost sure she is going to end up on the block if James, Jackie or Meg wins because they all think she is responsible for getting Jackie out. Austin wants to win because Liz promised him a kiss if he takes home the prize. Becky just wants that HoH title so she doesn’t end up a victim this week. James wants to win to change the pecking order in this house and he’s tired of all “them” assassinating his troops.

Austin really wants that kiss from Liz, but he just can’t do it. He and Steve fall within moments of each other (after about 30 minutes in). We don’t know if Steve wanted to throw it (yet again) or he just sucked. Julia and Meg come off next (about five minutes later real time). Austin is confused for a moment about which twin fell off.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (4)


Just after an hour in and everyone is looking serious and very uncomfortable. Almost 30 more minutes pass and the struggle is really going down, Jackie says in Diary Room. She just can’t go any more and falls off the wall. Now, James says in Diary Room, all the weight is on him to keep him and his allies safe.

Liz comes off next right after Jackie. James starts going ninja and crouching down to relieve the burn in his legs. But he pretends like he’s about to die to try to psych out Clay next to him. Clay is whispering to Shelli that he just can’t take much more. She’s begging him please no, don’t give up. Doesn’t he want to get his letter as HoH? He does, he tries to hang on, but he can’t and drops.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (9)

Shelli is the last member of The Sixth Sense alliance still on the wall. Johnny Mac and James are still hanging on as well. James says they will have to peel him off that wall before he is going to come down.

Deciding that maybe she is just too tired and it’s not in her best interest to win HoH for the third time, Shelli yells out to make a deal. She asks Johnny Mac and James for safety (no nominations and no backdoor) for her and Clay. Vanessa says in Diary Room that this really shows her something about Shelli that she didn’t ask for safety for her too.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

James is happy to offer safety to Shelli, Clay, and Johnny Mac. But in Diary Room he says very clearly that “this is Big Brother, and in the words of the Boogie, you can bounce checks in this house.” So when Shelli and Johnny Mac finally take a dive, we know James is not feeling at all bound by any deals he made up on that wall. He’s the new Head of Household and he’s going to do whatever the hell he wants.

In Diary Room after winning HoH, James says he is out for revenge for all his fallen comrades and he is going after BIG targets this week.

Austin doesn’t know where James’ head is out and he is worried. Shelli, however, feels like James is going to keep his word and stick to the deal he promised.

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