Big Brother 17 Recap: Bounce Those Checks Baby! 8/2/2015


Becky says in Diary Room that Clay and Shelli had a lot to do with her not going home last week, so she feels obligated to try to help them. Becky tells Clay and Shelli that if they look paranoid or sad, ‘they’ are going to put them both up on the block against each other. But if they act happy and all good with James as HoH, ‘they’ might put Vanessa and Austin up on the block.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (2)

Shelli is immediately freaked and says but then they are going to try to backdoor one of them. Becky says they need to act happy and safe, and then win the Power of Veto this week and freeze the nominations. Becky says to be smart with what information they share with Vanessa this week because ‘they’ are going to push her this week.

Clay wants to know who suggested them first. Becky says it was all three of them at once. She says she tried to “steer, steer, steer” them away from Clay and Shelli, but “nope.” She says they have to act happy or ‘they’ will be more direct about putting Clay and Shelli immediately up on the block.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (3)

Becky leaves and Shelli is whacked out. She wants to know why the hell everything had to come down to her and she needs to go walk around. Clay says they need to talk things out and figure out stuff. This starts them having a fight because Shelli doesn’t know why he can’t just let her cool off. She says she wants to go talk to Vanessa and tell her that she is okay with ‘them’ going after Austin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (4)

Clay says they need to talk to James, because he thinks Vanessa will steer ‘them’ toward them to save her own a**. He says they need to talk to James and Vanessa doesn’t need to know any of this.

Vanessa tells James that she dropped the bomb last week, but the decision was because the house wanted Jason out. Vanessa tells James that the smartest thing to do would be for him to make a big move. She says everyone knows she trusts Shelli and Clay, but when Shelli made a deal with James, she didn’t try to get safety for her. So what does that say? She’s the third wheel.

James wants to know if he went after them, would she be against it? Vanessa says if James wants to go after Shelli and Clay, that’s not personal, that’s game. In Diary Room, Vanessa says she has to look after herself. She tells James she will support whatever direction he goes, plus she offers him a deal. If she is HoH before the final seven, she will give him and one person of his choosing safety.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (1)

Clay and Shelli go to talk to James with “happy faces” on. They want to know if he is still good with the plan. James tells them that Shelli wanting to make a deal with him made him wonder like, are they really friends and stuff? Clay says they feel like the whole thing with James last week, they feel like they are targets because people think they are the ones who steered that whole decision.

James says it was not finding out until the last moment about Jason. Shelli says she knows why that was so upsetting. That’s why she felt like she had to make a deal. Clay says they presented it as Jason or Austin. Shelli says Austin found out he was the target and started campaigning. She blames Austin for Jason getting evicted.

In Diary Room, James says Clay and Shelli don’t want to admit they had a huge part in Jason going out. So right now he just has to telling them what they want to hear.

James can’t sleep because of all the options weighing down his mind. He talks to Meg in the bathroom. He says he doesn’t want to throw up pawns. He wants to just put Shelli and Clay up on the block. No matter what he does, they are going to both be pissed. So why not just go straight for the jugular and get the blood on his hands. Meg thinks everyone would just keep the noms the same. She can’t believe he’s going to actually do it!

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (1)

James says Shelli and Clay are like Brendon and Rachel. They are going to run everyone out of the house unless someone stops them. He says they need to be broken up and he will take the heat. he has made his decision and he isn’t going to change his mind. James says they are not going to see this coming. On Nomination day, it is going to hit them like a train.

Time for the Nomination Ceremony! James announces his nominees are Clay and Shelli. He says there were lines drawn in the sand last week and he was blindsided as well. (So basically, it is their turn to get blindsided.) James says Shelli hung on that wall and beasted that competition, and he knows she will go to the end with Clay. So he has to take them out. As far as the deal he made at the end of the HoH, that’s his contract to honor or not — and it’s not up for appeal.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (1)

Shelli tries to shame James immediately by saying that he made that deal in public and now everyone knows he is a liar. Clay says James’ word is sh*t. Shelli says she and Clay had absolutely nothing to do with Jason going on the block last week, and anyone who wants to find out the truth can come talk to them. Vanessa, meanwhile, is looking some serious evil eye about Shelli saying they had nothing to do with Jason going on the block.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (2)

In Diary Room, Clay says when he gives somebody his word, he means it. For James to stoop that low and put up Shelli and Clay side by side, mumble mumble. James says that was the hard part, the next part is making sure the noms stay the same and his HoH is successful. Vanessa says that Clay and Shelli throwing her under the bus was a bad game move. If they hope to survive the week they will need her.

Shelli, of course, is very upset and keeps saying she is so pissed. She says it is EVERYTHING for her or Clay to win the Veto this week and get someone else up there so they can both somehow maybe stay in the game.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (3)

(If you want to know who does win that Power of Veto, check our Big Brother spoilers page!)

That’s a wrap!

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