Big Brother 17 Recap: Bounce Those Checks Baby! 8/2/2015

The Houseguests come back in and Julia’s picture has replaced Jace’s on the Memory Wall. We think that is kind of rude. They should have just split Liz’s picture spot.

Meg and James celebrate quietly in the bathroom. She can’t stop grinning like an idiot for not being the underdogs yet again. She says in Diary Room they needed this so badly! She tells James “they” are scared out of their skin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (2)

James says it is time to rattle the cage. Jackie comes in and she can barely believe it. Meg can’t believe Shelli quit. Jackie says she had no choice because James wasn’t coming down. James says he couldn’t let them come after them again.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (1)

Vanessa is freaked out because she has put James on the block and she’s sent two of his closest allies home.

Julia and Liz get together to talk for the first time without a very short time limit. Julia is pissed off that Austin told Jason her name and said he wanted her out so he could have Liz to himself. Liz says that Austin is obsessed with her and he would never jeopardize them like that. Austin comes in and confronts Austin and he pretty he said too much to Jason but not that he said he wanted her out. Julia says that was really shady to do that without talking with her first. Julia isn’t buying it.

Shelli is all kinds of upset and takes Vanessa into the Have-Not to talk it out. Shelli says she couldn’t win three HoHs in a row and put a super big target on her back. She says she couldn’t ask for safety for Vanessa too. Vanessa reassures her she had to do what was best for her game. But in Diary Room Vanessa says that Shelli not asking for safety for her too makes it clear that she’s not that important to Shelli in this game.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (4)

Clay comes in and Shelli says she doesn’t want anyone targeting the twins right now. Vanessa says it is either them or her. That’s the game they are playing and the game they signed up for, she says and leaves. Shelli says the last person they wanted to win was James and she hopes they don’t target Vanessa because “she” just sent Jason home. (So did YOU two.)

Austin comes in and says Julia is still angry at him. He asks if they can talk to her and maybe help smooth things over. Shelli says she wants to talk to her. Austin leaves. Clay whispers that they need to explain to James that Austin needs to go home or the twins. Shelli says they need to keep a lookout for Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (6)

Shelli says that they are going to lose one of them and it is her fault. Clay says that it is not her fault. If one of their people is going to go home, it is still better than her being HoH again and getting all the blood on her hands. Because then she’d go home next time.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (7)

Next we have a montage of Clay and Shelli, and clips of Clay mumbling with ‘twisted captions’ of what it sounds like he is saying. Pretty funny. It is true, he mumbles constantly on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Johnny Mac says in Diary Room that he may be more about the teeth, but Clay might have gotten hit in the head too many times playing football.

Then we James scaring the hell out of Steve by leaping at him from behind a door. James does like his practical jokes.

In the HoH room talking to to Jackie, Meg and Becky, James says he found it funny that Shelli was so worried about making deals with him. If she had really been working with him like she said she was, then she should have felt safe and then jumped off. Jackie says that is their guilt. Meg says Shelli knows they are on to them. Meg swears they are the ones running the show. Jackie says they are coming after them and they need to throw down because they f**cked up last week.

Big Brother 17 Episode 18 (1)

Jackie says Shelli needs to go and they need to do this. What do they have to lose? Meg says they are obviously a power couple in the house. James agrees Shelli and Clay are going after them. Becky brings up that James can’t play next week. Meg says though that the only people who would go after James would be Shelli and Clay, and maybe Vanessa.

In Diary Room, James says if you take down the Queen, the King can only move one space. He asks his allies if they should Shelli straight up, or backdoor. And who should they put up against her? They go through the names and it’s unclear who is the best to go against Shelli. But they all agree they need to put another plan out there as a distraction. So they will say James is going to go after Steve, or Liz.

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