Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 22 Highlights: Alcohol Delivery

We had another busy Big Brother 19 day as the houseguests prepared for this week’s veto competition. It was a critical one; players just did not realize the importance of the Big Brother 19 veto holder. We have a long road to Thursday, so anything is possible, but it still seems like we’re in store for yet another blindside for Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

As the day progressed, Big Brother 2017 houseguests continued to plot against one another. The house seems so sure that they can blindside Cody and Jessica with no consequences coming their way. It looks like both sides will be in for a Big Brother blindside within the next two weeks.

Cody’s Social Game

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent and Cody Nickson

Cody continues to show a vast improvement from his first time around on Big Brother 19. In the morning, he had several important talks. The first was with Jason Dent, which gave him a lot of information, like that Christmas Abbott was the third vote for him to stay in the game. The second thing he learned was that Ramses Soto didn’t betray him by voting out Jillian Parker. All signs point to Kevin Schlehuber being that culprit.

Cody also revealed that he knows that Jessica has the Halting Hex, but both are keeping that secret close to their chests.

This information may factor into the final nominees.

Much later, Mark Jansen and Cody had a conversation. Mark tried to reestablish the former Cody and Mark bromance. Cody pretended to want to be friends with Mark again, but told Jessica that he didn’t respect Mark as a person or gamer. Christmas has been trying to manipulate things to get Mark on the block. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out this week or in the future.

Blindside Still a Go

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton, Christmas Abbott, and Matt Clines

Many of the Big Brother 19 players discussed what Jessica would do with her veto. They figured that she would keep nominations the same, which meant Josh Martinez would stay and Ramses would go out the Big Brother 19 doors on Thursday. Paul Abrahamian and Christmas went around talking about their plans to keep Josh.

Josh meanwhile gloated to the camera that he would stay in the game, then he would rub it in Cody and Jessica’s face. He was hoping for a repeat of week 2 with Cody going home and Jessica being alone.Of course, Big Brother 19 fans know that Jessica and Cody have a failsafe, and Cody is likely to win next week’s HOH or the one after, so Josh may not get his wish anytime soon.

Matt is starting to question the plan to keep Josh. He sees how it could backfire and come back to haunt Raven Walton, himself, and Paul. Paul reassured him that this was the best outcome for their group.

Jessica confirmed to Cody that she doesn’t plan to use the Veto. She will keep Ramses on the block and seal her fate, with another blindside coming her way.

Alcohol Delivery

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

After a long dry spell, CBS finally gave the houseguests some booze to enjoy.

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