Big Brother 19 Recap: Week Four Head of Household & Block Nominations 7/23/17

As soon as Cody Nickson fought his way back into the Big Brother 19 house, his partner in crime, Jessica Graf, gave him a detailed status update on the game since his eviction.  She gave Cody all the gory details about the fight between her and Josh Martinez in the Big Brother backyard.  Most importantly, she told Cody that she was voted by America to win this week’s temptation, the Halting Hex, which can stop any upcoming live eviction for the next three weeks.

Big Brother 19 Cody & Jessica

Next on the showmance to-do list is for one of them to win the next Head of Household (HOH) and turn the house upside down.  Jessica and Cody quickly realized that the entire house has banded together against both of them once again.  Their only defense and chance for power inside the Big Brother house is for one of them to win the next HOH competition.  On the other side of the house, Paul Abrahamian explains to the Big Brother houseguests that they must all rally together to win HOH and get Cody back out of the Big Brother house.

What’s the Hold Up? is this week’s HOH competition.  Each houseguest will hold up a red traffic light disc by pressing on it with their glove and clear pole.  The goal is to keep the disc in place for as long as possible.  Once your traffic light falls, you are eliminated from this Big Brother competition.  As a twist, once each houseguest is eliminated from the game, they must choose a remaining houseguest to punish with a distraction.  The last houseguest standing wins week four’s HOH.

Big Brother 19 What's the Hold Up?

  • Kevin Schlehuber is eliminated within 17 seconds and punishes Cody with smelly trash poured on his back.
  • Mark Jansen is eliminated within 25 seconds and punishes Cody with a road rage driver yelling in his ear.
  • Paul is eliminated within 56 seconds and punishes Cody with wet concrete poured on his back.
  • Jason Dent is eliminated within 2 minutes and punishes Jessica with a graffiti artist spray painting her back.
  • Elena Davies is eliminated within 4 minutes and punishes Cody with a hotdog vendor squirting condiments on him.
  • Matt Clines is eliminated within 5 minutes and punishes Cody with more smelly trash poured on him.
  • Raven Walton is eliminated within 17 minutes and punishes Cody with the road rage screamer again.
  • Josh is eliminated within 38 minutes and punishes Jessica with wet black tar poured on her back.
  • Cody is eliminated within 1 hour and 24 minutes and punishes Ramses with the graffiti artist.
  • Ramses Soto is eliminated within 1 hour and 49 minutes and punishes Jessica with the condiment squirting vendor.
  • Christmas Abbott is eliminated within 2 hours and 52 minutes.
  • Jessica is the new HOH.

Big Brother 19 Head of Household Competition

Big Brother 19 HOH

Josh made sure to seal his fate with Jessica and Cody during the competition.  In an attempt to distract both Cody and Jessica, Josh yelled various “meatball” type slurs at both of them.  Paul had previously asked Josh to try and shake-up Cody’s  Big Brother game during the competition if possible to throw him off his game.  Josh took Paul’s solicitation and consequently could ensure he is going on the block for elimination.

Cody has made it very clear to Jessica that he is playing her game this time around in the Big Brother house.  He told Jessica that he will do whatever she wants him to in the Big Brother house this week as his previous attempt got him evicted in week two.  In addition to Cody playing her game, other members of the house made sure to kiss Cody and Jessica’s ass once they had gained power in the Big Brother house.  Even Paul tried to make amends with Cody and vow to wipe the slate clear.  Winning HOH in the Big Brother house has an amazing way of immediately turning everything upside down.

Big Brother 19 Paul & Cody

At the nomination ceremony, Jessica chose to put to Josh and Ramses on the block for eviction this week.  Josh was an obvious choice, and poor Ramses really doesn’t have any real allies inside the house at this point in the game.

Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominees

He was easy to use as a pawn for Jessica.  Her final target for eviction this week is still up in the air.  Depending on the outcome of the Power of Veto (POV) competition, Jessica will decide her final target for eviction.  Paul is still on the radar and may end up being a backdoor option depending on how the week plays out inside the Big Brother house.

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