Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 23 Highlights: Jessica Almost Makes the Right Move

This Big Brother 19 week has been a great one for Josh Martinez fans. He went on the block, as seen on Sunday’s episode, but seems safe from eviction. Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian have already plotted against HOH Jessica Graf to get Ramses Soto out the Big Brother 19 house instead of Josh.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

If you’re a Jessica or Cody Nickson fan, you may be upset by the fact that they’re about to experience another Big Brother blindside. Jessica holds all the power this week. However, she being blinded by a sense of hope. She hopes that she can change her perception in the Big Brother 19 house and make alliances. Jessica is completely miss reading her situation.

Cody and Jessica Plan Ahead

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Jessica and Cody discuss floating to whoever wins the power this upcoming week, so that they don’t have to pick sides just yet. However, if Cody wins Head of Household, they want to develop a team. Then they want to use that team to evict Paul.

Surprisingly, Cody is starting to trust Christmas more, and wants to pull her in an alliance with them. Jessica wants to use her Halting Hex to strike fear in some of the houseguests. She wants to insinuate that it has a different power. Jessica wants the other Big Brother houseguests to believe that targeting her is a waste of a week.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Elena Davies

At one point, Jessica starts to realize that she might get blindsided. She sees how valuable Josh could be for the other side. Jessica wants to use the veto and put up Alex Ow. Cody thinks Jessica is just being paranoid.

Jessica talks to Elena Davies about her fears. Elena reassures Jessica that everyone will vote to evict Josh. Elena and Mark Jansen are also being left in the dark, so they have no clue about the blindside coming.

Other Notes

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Josh gives more of his camera speeches. He acts mopey, and tells Ramses how he knows he’s going home this week. He really plays it up.

Matt Clines and Raven Walton agree to give Cody and Jessica one week of not being targeted by them. They plan to target Mark and Josh if they win Head of Household.

The Have-Not are selected. Mark, Paul, and Kevin Schlehuber are the chosen Have-Nots for falling out of the competition first. Josh is also still a HN for picking the wrong key, Mark goes for the key this week, and gets another week of slop. He’ll be on slop for three straight weeks.

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