Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother? 8/2/2015

After the sad eviction of yet another of our favorite to watch Houseguests, we were really hoping one of the ‘outsiders’ would win the Head of Household Competition this week. Although you have to respect the game play of the major alliance in the house, we’re mightily sick of watching one side get decimated week after week while the other sits high and dry.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (5)

We were desperately hoping for a big change up in the power structure in the house with the Head of Household Competition results this evening. What we didn’t want was for Clay/Vanessa/Shelli to end up basically running the whole house for yet another week. Especially with both twins now in the house, and a desperate Austin at their beck and call, to use as their personal pawns/voters/cannon fodder.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

At the Big Brother Head of Household Competition for this week, we had our first big endurance challenge of the season. We see this competition pretty much every year in one form or another. Called “On the Edge,” the Houseguests have to balance on a tiny ledge on a ‘cliff’ while having freezing water and other crap thrown at them. In this case, literally pretend ‘crap’ in the form of fake bird sh*t.

The competition started on the show, but the results won’t be shown there until Sunday night. So we moved on over to the Big Brother Live Feeds to watch. They kicked on shortly after 7:05 PM BBT with all eleven HGs still on the wall. Julia yells out that she’s ready to make a deal, but we think that has to be a joke because it is far too early for that kind of thing.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (3)

At about 7:35 PM BBT: Steven and Austin both take a header into the foam bits below the wall. We have to wonder if one or both of them intentionally decided to out themselves. Steve maybe, since he has thrown most of the HoH comps. But we have to think Austin probably wanted to win this thing because he was JUST almost evicted.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

Two more are out five minutes later as Meg and Julia both fall. Vanessa and Austin evaluate who is most likely to go out next. Steve gets attacked by a foam piece of the set. Austin and Steve are a bit confused about whether it was Liz or Julia who fell, LOL.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Water and wind now pounding the Houseguests. Most of them look like they are in various degrees of nasty pain at this point. The players already eliminated b*tch about all the parts of them that hurt.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

I’d be hurting too if we were being slammed in the chest/face with fake bald eagles. Ouch. Especially with boobs. There is a lot of screaming from the ladies.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

Jackie has hardcore game face going on. She wants to WIN this thing.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

8:06 PM BBT – That is some SERIOUS nasty rain and wind going on. Everything will be even more slippery and dangerous now. AND more eagle slamming. We are more than an hour in now and seven Houseguests still hanging on.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

8:12 PM BBT:Everyone still hanging in there. The girls are chit-chatting on the wall. Concentrate y’all! Johnny Mac looking like he is at a funeral. Never see him so solemn!

8:21 PM BBT: The wall is pushed to a steep angle and Jackie can’t handle it. She either falls or jumps. She is followed just moments later by Liz.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

8:30 PM BBT: We still have Becky, Shelli, Clay, Johnny Mac and James still in it. We are a little surprised that John hasn’t just let go, since he is probably as safe as you can get this week. Then again, it is Big Brother and you are never really totally safe…

James keeps going all ninja up there and we love it. (We are not so secretly rooting for him to win.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

8:36 PM BBT: Becky comes off the wall. One more down from the “other side” of the house (in other words, not in the Shelli/Clay gang). Jackie shows off the nasty bruise marks on her chest from being hit with the fake eagles. Clay falls off just a minute later.

Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (1)

8:43 PM BBT: Still have James, Johnny Mac and Shelli up there hanging on. We’d like James, but we’ll take Johnny Mac so two out of three ain’t bad! Unfortunately, Shelli is looking very comfy up there.

8:50 PM BBT: Jackie yells to “make some deals, make some deals, I would if I was still up there!”

8:55 PM BBT: James tells John he has “no worries buddy” and Johnny Mac finally gives up the ghost and comes down.

8:56 PM BBT: It’s down to just Shelli and James. Shelli asks for safety (no backdoors and no nominations) for herself and Clay. James says he promises. Shelli takes a dive. James has won Head of Household! PLEASE GO AFTER SHELLI/CLAY anyway! You have nothing to lose! We beg of you!


Big Brother 17 Episode 17 (2)

And that’s a wrap!

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