Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Most Valuable Player Eviction Nominee Revealed! 7/20/2013

Big Brother MVPAfter three weeks of Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa Slater, winning the Big Brother 15 Most Valuable Player power, production decided to switch things up this time around. Instead of a HouseGuest getting the chance to nominate a third person for eviction, that power was given to the viewers for week 4.

Who did America choose to join Head of Household Judd’s two nominees up on the block? Were the HouseGuests told that the fans picked the third eviction nominee, or were they left to wonder if Elissa lied when she told everyone she didn’t get it this week? How did Head of Household Judd and his allies react when they found out who the third nominee is? We have the Big Brother spoilers coming to you right now straight from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds!

In a twist on a twist, the third nomination for eviction this week was left up to you, the fans. While most fan polls were easily predicting that Aaryn would end up as America’s choice to go up on the block, HoH Judd thwarted that plan when he decided to nominate Aaryn himself. While there fan polls on most Big Brother sites varied quite a bit for who was probably the second choice, there did oddly seem to be a strong leaning toward putting up Amanda.

We theorize that this may be because: Amanda has turned into a power hungry b*tch who thinks she is in charge of everything and people are sick of watching her and McCrae laying around the house on top of each other all day. Really, all day and all night. It’s like they are fusing into one kind of disgustingly slovenly being.

So did America decide Amanda needed to be the third person on the block this week? We have the Big Brother spoilers for you on the week 4 Most Valuable Player eviction nomination for you below! Just click on the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner to find out what happened.

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In a very interesting result, America has apparently voted for Elissa to be the third eviction nominee this week. We speculate this is what happened: Aaryn was the person most people who voted CORRECTLY wanted to be on the block but Judd nominated her, so she was not an option.

Unfortunately, a LOT of people voted INCORRECTLY, thinking they were still voting for who would be Most Valuable Player this week. They turned the channel after the eviction and didn’t catch that part of the twist. They misunderstood the twist. They didn’t watch the episode and didn’t hear about the twist.

Or, they were deliberately mislead by some of the fan sites out there (seriously, this happened) and on Twitter by people who want Elissa gone. CBS’ MVP page didn’t really change much and only a small disclaimer at the top detailed the change this week and we wouldn’t have bothered to read it if we didn’t know about the switch.

Now, that isn’t to say a whole lot of people didn’t actually want Elissa to go up on the block. There were plenty of people who did. But somehow, like our buddies at BigBrotherNetwork, we really doubt that a landslide vote for Elissa as the fan favorite player three weeks in a row suddenly turned into her being put on the block by the same people!

The HouseGuests were NOT informed that America chose the nominee, not another HouseGuest. So everyone is hella confused right now. Some of them thought maybe America might be voting as the twist but if that were true, why on Earth would they put up Elissa after giving her MVP three weeks in a row? (Exactly!) So now, no one knows what the hell is going on and things are kind of getting crazy in there…

Next up will be the Veto Competition and the players have all now been chosen. Judd as HoH, Aaryn, Elissa and Kaitlin as the eviction nominees, and randomly selected players Helen and McCrae will compete. Stay tuned for the results right here on as soon as they come in… or check out a free two day trial of the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds and find out all the spoilers for yourself!


What do you think about America’s choice for the third person facing eviction on Big Brother 15 this week? Do you feel the fans got it right? Or were you hoping someone else would go up?

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