Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Big Brother Live Feeds Overnight Report — 7/20/2013

On the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds overnight, the HouseGuests were all over the place working each other for information about the eviction plans, who got the Most Valuable Player power, and what kind of new alliances might be forged now that Jeremy is out of the house. We’re still not absolutely sure what new Head of Household Judd’s plans are for the upcoming eviction yet. Honestly, we don’t think he is either — which he keeps trying to tell Amanda, repeatedly.

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Amanda just will not stop trying to boss Judd around and get him to do what she wants when it comes to this week’s eviction. She pushed him hard to put up the people she wanted to go on the block for this round and now she’s trying to shove him into a corner to backdoor the HouseGuest she wants out the door. Amanda needs some serious chill time — although maybe some of it should be spent somewhere else than half-naked under blankets with McCrae all over the house.

What was the Big Brother 15 cast up to overnight while people not worried about winning a half a million dollars were asleep in their beds dreaming of being on the next season? We have all the Big Brother spoilers from the wee hours of Saturday morning come up for you right now. Reminder, there are spoilers here that have not yet aired on the CBS network prime-time show!

Big Brother Live Feeds Report: Saturday Overnight, Week 4 — 7/20/2013

12:45 AM BBT: Andy, Amanda and McCrae are in the Lounge. (And McCrae and Amanda are actually separated by several feet, wow — although she still is half naked.) Amanda talks to the guys about talking to Howard. She says that Howard is going to people one by one to make protection deals. She also thinks Howard is trying to get to Judd through them. Amanda harps again about needing to push Judd to get him to backdoor Howard and get him out so that blood isn’t on their hands.

1:00 AM BBT: Elissa tells Judd production told her in the Diary Room that she didn’t get the Most Valuable Player power (which means she is screwed) and they talk about maybe Howard won it. So she can at least stop freaking out about not knowing — and start freaking out about no longer having that power to protect her.

7-20-2013 10-20-39 AM1:20 AM BBT: News that Elissa says she did not win the MVP spreads quickly. Aaryn tells McCrae and Amanda that maybe Elissa is lying about not getting it so she can backdoor Howard without people thinking she did it. Amanda tells Aaryn not to be stressed because if she were really the target this week, Judd wouldn’t have put her up on the block right off the back. He would have waited to backdoor her later. Amanda apparently thinks she is the Head of Household this week and believes Judd will do what she wants because otherwise she’s talking out of her a**. Amanda tells Aaryn she needs to stop talking about this stuff and just worry about winning the Power of Veto Competition and saving herself from the block. She says Aaryn needs to listen more and talk less if she wants to survive the week.

1:40 AM BBT: Kaitlin tells Judd that she heard Elissa doesn’t even want to stay until the end of the season. Judd says he heard that too. Kaitlin thinks Elissa already knows what the twist is Julie Chen mentioned during the live eviction show. Judd thinks she does too.

7-20-2013 10-21-37 AM1:55 AM BBT: Kaitlin, Judd, Amanda and Andy are all in the HoH room. Amanda says she has heard that she is going up as the third nomination this week. Everyone is confused and like, WTF? Andy asks if she knows who got the MVP and she says she doesn’t. Judd wants to know how she heard she might be going up and Amanda said it was just word on the street. (Aaryn told her Kaitlin said it — but considering how the fan polls are going, Amanda might indeed go up since Aaryn got nominated by Judd, so this is interesting.) Amanda says she can’t say who told her. Judd says that Elissa swears she didn’t get it.

2:00 AM BBT: Elissa tells Amanda in person that she did not win the MVP. She theorizes that maybe America will have the MVP power this week, since obviously no one else but her could have own it, right? The HouseGuests are figuring out this twist too easily. Amanda says America would not put her up, why would they do that? Elissa says she thinks they would vote against Aaryn but she’s already on the block. Elissa wonders if maybe Kaitlin won it but Amanda doesn’t think so.

3:45 AM BBT: So Aaryn has been telling people that Kaitlin said Amanda would go up as the third nomination for eviction this week (based on the idea Elissa or an ally of hers would get it again). Kaitlin is pissed about this and tells Aaryn she shouldn’t be telling other people about their conversations or making up lies about things she has said.

7-20-2013 10-23-12 AM4:15 AM BBT: Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie, Judd and Kaitlin are talking in the Head of Household room. Kaitlin proposes they form an alliance together and take over the house. She wants the target for eviction this week to be Aaryn. We aren’t calling for this to be an ‘official’ alliance yet as it seems to be mostly talk.

4:45 AM BBT: Howard, Spencer and Judd are holed up and talking about Amanda and McCrae. Spencer and Howard tell Judd that the lovebirds have been talking smack about them. They want him to join up with them. Judd says that he made Amanda last to be safe in the Nomination Ceremony because he was pissed off at her for never shutting up about backdooring Howard this week.

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