Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Morning Report: June 28, 2013

After an eventful day for the HouseGuests on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds yesterday, last night was a bit more chill. While scheming and plotting around the upcoming Veto Ceremony continued, there was still plenty of time for some of the BB15 HouseGuests to dive a little deeper into showmance territory. Keep scrolling for our morning report about what happened on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds overnight.

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WARNING: SPOILER ALERT – This post will contain numerous Big Brother spoilers gathered from the Live Feeds about game play, alliances, eviction nominations, the Power of Veto Competition results and more that has not yet been shown on the CBS Big Brother show. This is your last warning not to keep reading if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:00 PM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds return after being blacked out for the Veto Competition. The challenge seems to have been something involving spelling and being covered in honey, which is just weird. We quickly learn that it appears to be Head of Household McCrae who won the competition, despite telling Elissa earlier in the day that he intended to throw it if he had to because he’d be f**ked if he won. The HouseGuests are happy overall because they believe he will take someone off the block and put up Elissa as the replacement nominee and she will then be evicted.

9:30 PM BBT: Aaryn apologizes to David for getting pissy with him about talking to Elissa earlier in the day. She’s in a much better mood now that she thinks Elissa is going to get evicted. She’s not the only one. Elissa would not be well-liked, we think, even if most people didn’t already know she’s former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly’s sister.

9:40 PM BBT: Nick is talking up McCrae with the idea of actually not using the Power of Veto to take anyone down and keeping Elissa off the block (which would piss off a good handful of HGs). Instead, he wants them to focus on voting out David at the eviction and getting rid of a strong player. McCrae also wants David out, but is worried about what the reaction will be toward him if he doesn’t put up Elissa.

9:50 PM BBT: Helen, who is working with McCrae in her own side alliance, tells Helen she will try to get him to not put Elissa up on the block. This alliance may be sort of turning into a threesome or Helen may be working her own side alliance with Elissa. There are so many dratted deals and alliances going right now, it’s near impossible to keep track. Helen says Elissa needs to keep her mouth shut and stay quiet to reduce backlash against herself because she is rubbing people the wrong way.

6-28-2013 09-55-14 AM10:10 PM BBT: And here we go, it’s time for a double girl bubble bath in the Head of Household suite with Aaryn and Jessie. You know taking bubble baths in your swimsuit/underwear with another person cannot be comfortable. You have to wonder how many times everyone (especially the girls) are encouraged to do this just for the Big Brother Live Feed viewers to gawk at. GinaMarie, meanwhile, really, really, really wants something alcoholic to drink. We don’t think she needs any considering that she just asked if they speak English in Australia.

10:30 PM BBT: Spencer and Howard whisper about game play over the chess table. They are liking the idea of trying to get the girls to all turn on each other.

6-28-2013 09-56-12 AM10:40 PM BBT: Jeremy crashes the Aaryn and Jessie bathing session and suddenly everyone is talking about penises. The HoH room and bathroom has turned into a den of weirdness.

10:55 PM BBT: Helen, Jeremy and a couple of other HGs are gossiping about Elissa. Helen says she has serious concerns about her after talking to her. Jeremy says Helen needs to stop hanging out with her because it is “deadly” to her game.

11:30 PM BBT: McCrae is still stressing over the Power of Veto Ceremony because if he doesn’t put up Elissa, the HGs are going to be pissed. If he does put her up and she gets evicted, the viewers may be pissed since they voted her Most Valuable Player and then he’ll never win MVP.

11:45 PM BBT: Andy and Kaitlin still think Elissa will go up on the block and be the one to get evicted. Kaitlin can’t stop talking about the whole bitchy attitudes going on over Jessie being jealous about her cozying up to Jeremy.

12:20 AM BBT: Judd and McCrae talk about the idea of working to get David evicted this week while they have the chance instead of Elissa, who has pretty much already dug her own grave to boot out at any time.

6-28-2013 09-58-10 AM12:10 AM BBT: GinaMarie says she’s always the way she is in the house. People expect her to hump everything and that’s what she does, she does hump everything. Then she talks about her vagina.

1:00 PM BBT: Spencer, who we rarely talk about, gets some camera time chatting with Helen and some of the other HGs about his girlfriend and how her parents don’t like him.

2:30 AM BBT: David and Aaryn are talking about — you guessed it — Elissa and how they think she is MVP. Aaryn is sure Elissa will go up as a replacement nominee and be targeted for eviction since that’s what McCrae is telling her will happen. Naturally, they do all of this laying in bed together while David talks about Aaryn’s “perfect smile” and how she smells like “rainbows.” Gross.

6-28-2013 09-59-29 AM3:45 AM BBT: More showmance fumbling around in the dark with Kaitlin and Jeremy making out in bed. Did they just do a quickie? Hmmmm. Yes Kaitlin, we can see you and so can your parents, your friends and anyone who thought they might have been dating you back at home. Just remember that…

3:40 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda are talking, they both think David threw the Power of Veto Competition. He says he is going to use the POV and put up Elissa and she says he’d better because she’s worked to get her out and he better not f**k it up. Amanda wants to know if McCrae has a crush on her. She says she has a boyfriend. He says she needs to get over herself. He thinks she doesn’t trust him.

And that’s a wrap from the overnight on the Big Brother Live Feeds! Do you think McCrae really will use the Power of Veto and put up Elissa as the replacement nominee? Keep in the know on the latest alliances and other game stats on our Big Brother 15 cast news page.

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