Big Brother 2013 Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Alliance Report — June 28, 2013

With so many Big Brother 15 HouseGuests, there are enough alliances and side deals flying around right now to sink the Titanic. However, there are a few particularly strong Big Brother 2013 alliances that have emerged so far and several pairs working together that are having a strong impact on the game. Keep reading for our latest Big Brother 15 spoilers alliance report as we try to keep track of all the wheeling and dealing going on on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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The Pretty Girls Alliance is still going along, but Kaitlin and Jessie are really not on friendly terms. They are fighting over, of all things, Jeremy’s attentions for the most part — although it’s really just evolved into pure girl cattiness.

The Blonde-tourage seems to have shaken out to be just Aaryn, David, GinaMarie and Kaitlin, although several others may be aware of the group, including Jeremy and Nick. We aren’t seeing a ton of action going on with this group as far as game play moves yet though.

The Moving Company of Spencer, McCrae, Jeremy, Howard, and Nick is still growing strong and right now they are the most powerful alliance block in the Big Brother 15 house. Jeremy also still has two different Final 3 alliances, one with Spencer and Howard CBS calls the Mustache Room Alliance, and one with David and Jessie we call the Two and a Half Men Alliance.

McCrae and Elissa are holding on to their secret Divas Alliance (as we call it), although he’s prepared to put her up as an eviction renom and vote her out because most of the house is against her. McCrae also appears to have formed a secret alliance with Helen that may also include Elissa but still seems a bit separate, so we’re going to call it the Divas Part Two Alliance for now. Current Head of Household McCrae is also friendly with Amanda enough to tell her secrets about Elissa… but we’re not sure if anything official is going on with them.

Judd and Elissa may also have a thing, since he referred to working with her at one point yesterday, but we’re not sure what’s going on there. Andy and Kaitlin appear to have some kind of agreement, according to what we’ve seen on Twitter, but we missed any alliance formation discussion they may have had on the Live Feeds. Lastly, it seems that Spencer is working side alliances with Andy and Howard respectively.

Did you catch any alliance deals we missed on the Big Brother Live Feeds? Please let us know in the comments below for our next update! Keep in the know on the latest alliances and other game stats on our Big Brother 15 cast news page.


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