Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Not Available In Canada Again

The Big Brother Live Feeds will not be available in Canada this year once again, according to an official announcement from CBS. According to press releases from CBS, Canadian fans will still not have access to the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds, although they ‘hope’ to possibly bring them up north at some point in the future.

Big Brother Meme

Although a couple of years back CBS finally relented and allowed Canadian viewers access to the Big Brother Live Feeds, last year they were taken away again. The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds are now bundled with the CBS All Access Pass, which is strictly U.S. only, and there are no plans to make them available in any form this season to Canada or anywhere else.

Please feel free to express your displeasure about this disappointing news in our comments section below. Or take yourselves over to Twitter or Facebook and vent directly to CBS Big Brother that you want Canadian access to the Big Brother Live Feeds!

CBS All Access Pass - Big Brother Live Feeds
CBS All Access Pass – Big Brother Live Feeds

Meanwhile, for those in the U.S., you can feel free to go ahead and get your CBS All Access Pass right now and binge watch all 16 past seasons of Big Brother if you like. The cost is quite a bit cheaper than it used to be, plus you have access to thousands of CBS shows in addition to the exclusive Live Feeds content, and special pre-season Big Brother 18 content is available right now.

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