Big Brother Spoilers: Week 3 Power of Veto Players Chosen!

The Big Brother 16 spoilers for the week 3 Power of Veto players are out on the Live Feeds! The whole house has been waiting anxiously to see who would end up playing this week. There are big plans in action and everything hinges on who will win the Power of Veto Competition.

Big Brother Power of Veto
Big Brother Power of Veto

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

If you haven’t yet seen the Big Brother spoilers for what happened at the Battle of the Block Competition, you might want to catch up on those right now. New Heads of Household Derrick and Nicole have been working on a huge plan with many of the other Houseguests to get Devin out this week.

The goal was to backdoor Devin by preventing him from playing in the Power of Veto by not putting him up as an original eviction nominee, and then having someone else win the Power of Veto and and he would go up as a replacement nominee. If Devin was somehow picked as a random Power of Veto player, the hope was that Caleb being on the losing side in the Battle of the Block (which he intentionally was going to try to throw) would give Devin major competition in the PoV.

Making sure the eviction nominations and the  Battle of the Block results turned out exactly right was the first step of the scheme, and those went off without a hitch.

As Devin was not put up as an original eviction nominee this week, he had only a small chance of being randomly chosen for the Power of Veto Competition. Pretty much everyone in the house for the most part was on pins and needles hoping his name would not get drawn. Because if it wasn’t, he would have virtually no chance at all of not going home this week.

Alas for the conspirators, when the names were chosen for the Power of Veto players today… Devin’s name was one of them. So he will get to play for the Power of Veto, and if he wins, he will be safe this week.

The other players for the Power of Veto Competition later today will be Derrick as HoH, Caleb and Jocasta as eviction nominees, and Christine and Donny as the other randomly selected players. However, Jocasta is very sick from dehydration and heat from the Battle of the Block Competition. So she may not actually participate in the PoV challenge.

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