Big Brother Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction Nominations Revealed

After a tumultuous week inside the house, we couldn’t wait to see the Big Brother spoilers for the week 3 eviction nominations. With most of the house on board with a plan to evict Devin this week, the big question was whether he would go up as an initial nominee, or if the Heads of Household would go for a backdoor plan.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

New Heads of Household Derrick and Nicole had a whole night and part of the morning to ponder their eviction nominations after winning the HoH Competition. There was little question who the main target for eviction was going to be. After all the crap the last week, everyone in the house pretty much wants to get Devin out.

The main problem to consider was whether it would be best to nominate Devin immediately, or work to backdoor him later so he hopefully would not get a chance to play in the Power of Veto Competition.

Also, of course, Derrick and Nicole had to consider who they could put on the block without pissing off their fellow Houseguests too much and making enemies. Or potentially losing a valuable ally.

Even if they went with the backdoor plan to go after Devin and all of the four nominees were almost (but not quite) guaranteed to be safe, it is always a risk to be nominated. And if Devin did get selected to play Power of Veto, and he did win it, then one of those eviction nominees could end up going home.

Derrick and Nicole decided pretty quickly that they were going to try to backdoor Devin by not putting him up as an initial nominee and hoping he would not get picked randomly to play Power of Veto.

To add extra insurance to this plan, they decided to put up Caleb as one of Derrick’s nominees and have him throw the Battle of the Block Competition. This would put Caleb on the losing nominations team and mean he would definitely play in the PoV Competition. So just in case Devin did get selected, they would have a strong competitor against him in the challenge.

Derrick’s other nominee was Jocasta, who just doesn’t have much in the way of allies in the house and not many will mourn her loss if she were to get evicted. Nicole, meanwhile, nominated Amber and Donny. Poor Donny is just everyone’s choice to nominate because no one seems to consider him that important. Amber, on the other hand, is a threat and she’s not well liked in the house right now, so if she got sent home, the only person who would probably really be pissed off would be Caleb.

So the plan is that Caleb will throw the Battle of the Block, which will leave him and Jocasta as the remaining two eviction nominees. Then hopefully anyone but Devin will win the Power of Veto and take Caleb off the block and put Devin up to be backdoored and evicted next week.

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