Big Brother 20 Week 7 Power Ranking-The Rise Back to the Top

We only have ten players left in the Big Brother 20 game. With the Big Brother jury finally starting, the players can smell, taste, and feel the money. Most of the remaining players have turned their game up from 4 to 400. Despite some of their best efforts, they’re just not playing a winning game.

Big Brother 20

This week, we’ve seen a big shift in power for a few, and others have shifted the opposite way. Read on to see who is at the top and bottom of the player board this Big Brother 20 week.

10. Rockstar

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

Unless a miracle happens, Angie “Rockstar” Lantry will be meeting host Julie Chen on Thursday. Even if a miracle happens, Rockstar may just become the block star of the season. We don’t see a path where Rockstar goes to the end or wins the game. At best, right now, someone may drag Rockstar to the end believing they can beat her.

9. Faysal

Faysal Shafaat’s lack of game knowledge almost makes him a laughable opponent in the eyes of the other players. However, Faysal has endeared himself to at least five or six players. That right there is enough to win the Big Brother 20 game. Additionally, Faysal has proven himself to be good at these competition. Haleigh Broucher and Scottie Salton seem like targets ahead of him, but I think next to almost anyone, Faysal gets evicted first.

8. JC

Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix

JC Mounduix and Scottie are almost in interchangeable positions at the moment. It really depends on who gets the Head of Household win. Unfortunately for JC, the players after him are more likely to win HOH than those coming after Scottie. Brett Robinson, Scottie, Haleigh, and even Faysal–to a degree–are becoming increasingly suspicious of JC as a player. This week’s votes are likely to cast a big bright light on his game and make him an even bigger target to those players.

7. Scottie

Level 6 knows that Scottie wants to play both sides of the house. They also know that he’s better at competitions than Faysal and Haleigh, especially the competitions coming up. To almost all of Level 6, with maybe the exception of Brett, Scottie is a bigger target than the showmance. The only chance that Scottie remains safe is if he or one of his solid allies win Head of Household. And it’s highly likely than Scottie is due for another HOH win.

6. Haleigh

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh painted a big red target on herself a few times this week and last week. The first was by announcing that she was the hacker, and then making sure everyone believed her. Many still don’t think she’s the hacker. However, Tyler Crispen believes it now, and that’s enough to make her target number one or two on his list.

Haleigh and Faysal becoming a full blown showmance doesn’t help her case either. The main thing protecting Haleigh right now is the fact that three competition capable men really like her, and are probably more than willing to save her with a Veto or not nominate her when pushed.

5. Angela

Angela Rummans is a player easier to target than Tyler, and as Tyler and her grow closer, players are more likely to go after her when they can’t get him. If Tyler continues to dominate the competitions, Angela may go out as a way to weaken his power, especially because they see their obvious pairing, more so than his bond with Kaycee Clark and Brett.

4. Sam

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sam Bledsoe could wear a sign saying “evict me” and people would still ignore it. Sam won one major competition, so she’s shown competition capabilities, but she’s so stuck in her head that people don’t take her serious as a competitor. No one takes Sam serious in the game, so no one wants to waste an HOH on getting her out. Additionally, Sam has a high chance of self-evicting, unless she does that, she will be here until the end.

3. Kaycee

Kaycee was sitting pretty for about six week, but now she’s on the block. Being on the block has not helped her game at all. It brought to light how much she is liked in the house, so she’ll be someone harder to win the votes against. Kaycee also won the Hacker competition, which may make players start to worry about her competition potential. Despite all this, it’s very unlikely that anyone will take out Kaycee in the near future. She still has a very good chance at final two and the Big Brother 20 game win.

2. Brett

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Brett managed to execute what many fail to do: infiltrate the other side. Brett is firmly on team Level 6, but he’s making both sides believe he’s loyal to them. If Brett manages to get away with this week’s vote, only a few players will be after Brett. However, if Brett fails at hiding his vote or not explaining it well enough, he’s likely to become target number one for all of the Hive.

1. Tyler

All of the Hive still want Tyler out, including Scottie. However, by now they’ve realized just how hard that will be, and they don’t even know about the Cloud app yet. Most of the opposing side is likely to not try to get Tyler out unless they’re sure a backdoor will work.

With Tyler trying to save his Cloud app, until necessary, he’s highly likely to continue to win Vetoes. Even if Tyler is on the block after the Veto ceremony, he has four votes with level six and two votes with Sam and JC. The other side won’t have enough votes to evict Tyler until the numbers dwindle. And by then, it might be too late to evict him.

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