Nick Uhas YKYT Tour Judd Daughtery Music Video

If you aren’t already aware, Big Brother 15 cast member Nick Uhas is currently touring the country making random videos on his You Know YouTube Tour. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign where he raised over 18,000, Nick is wandering around the U.S. visiting other BB15 cast members, random people like fashion designer Betsey Johnson, and various YouTube personalities.

Nick Uhas and Judd Daughtery - Source: YouTube
Nick Uhas and Judd Daughtery – Source: YouTube

In one of his latest YKYT Tour videos, Nick Uhas visited with former housemate Judd Daughtery for his big welcome home party in Tennessee. We previously posted part one of his visit with Judd and now we have the second half to share. A fact we discovered courtesy of the video that we didn’t know? Judd Daughtery tried out for Big Brother SIX times before he was finally cast on the show.

The most amusing part of Nick’s second video from visiting Judd was the ridiculous and terribly off key “J-U-Double-D” music video interlude. We aren’t quite sure who the girl is singing in this part of the episode but we recommend she doesn’t start thinking about trying out for American Idol any time soon. The lyrics are pretty funny though.

And, just for fun, some random photos from Nick’s journey across America. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics – Source: Instagram)

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