Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 56 Highlights: Brett Tries to Hack Rockstar’s Eviction Speech

Nearly 60 days into Big Brother 20 and the Hive is still clueless. This must be a new record for Big Brother contestants. The majority of the day was spent relaxing by the pool, but there was still a lot of game talk happening, mainly from Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, who was trying everything to stay in the game. She even proposed a Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance to Brett Robinson, who then just ran back to Level 6 and told them all about her pitch.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Rockstar also practiced her eviction night speech with Haleigh Broucher and Brett. Brett told Level 6 to give him some ideas of things to get Rockstar to incorporate in it. Tyler Crispen and group joked about getting Rockstar to mention how Angela Rummans and him are related. Level 6 also discuss how they plan to give Rockstar some colorful goodbye messages.

Brett, Angela, and Tyler believe that there is no way they’ll get her vote, so why not make good tv instead of being nice. JC Mounduix finally have a game talk, after JC declared that he wouldn’t talk game all week. It was less a strategy talk and more of JC just telling Faysal Shafaat that his team sucks as a team. He pointed out all the ways they’ve messed up as a team, everything from Bayleigh Dayton telling Rachel Swindler about her power to secretly Haleigh using the hacker powers to target Tyler.

Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat

JC definitely made some valid points about the Hive as a team, but Faysal still believes that JC will vote with them on Thursday. Late at night, while talking in the bathroom, Faysal sat on the Head of Household bathroom sink and broke it. He was immediately called to the Diary Room. We expect some money will be coming out of Faysal’s final stipend.

Late at night, Scottie Salton pitched to Brett how they need to keep Haleigh close. The only way to stay in her good graces would be to vote out Kaycee Clark instead of Rockstar. Brett listened but he may get out of this week’s vote if Kaycee cancels it this week.

Big Brother 20-Scottie Salton and Brett Robinson

Then Scottie might be in trouble because JC, if he doesn’t let anyone know his vote before eviction, will likely try to blame the flip vote on Scottie.

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