On the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on Wednesday, there was a lot of discussion about whether or not this week would be a double eviction. We know that’s exactly what is going to happen and we’re pretty sure who the first person to get voted off will be. From the Big Brother spoilers coming out of the Live Feeds, we know a lot more about what is going on with the various factions in the house than most of the players do. And let’s just say, it’s going to be a wild eviction night!

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (2)

Two Big Brother 2013 cast members are on the block and both of them are pretty certain they will be staying this week. One of them is very, very wrong and is about to get the hardest blindside of the season when a trusted ally betrays them hardcore. The question is, will they be betrayed by one person promising them a vote… or both of them?

There is a lot of tension going on in the house right now with schemes and plots galore all over. And that means crazy drama when it gets out of control and leads to a huge, nasty, horrible fight between GinaMarie Zimmerman and Amanda Zuckerman. You won’t believe what these two said to each other and how close it came to maybe getting someone thrown out of the house Willie Hantz style!

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10:35 AM BBT: Production tries to wake people up but only a few stir out of bed. Judd reassures Elissa again that he would never put her up on the block if he won Head of Household in a double eviction this week. He says if he wins to meet him in the cockpit room immediately after to figure out what to do. Feeds cut out. When they cut back in, Elissa is talking about how she would not be friends with Amanda and Judd says he is done with her too no matter what. We feel like we missed something when the Feeds were out…

11:50 AM BBT: The HouseGuests are put on indoor lockdown. Elissa is the only one up and about at this point.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (6)2:45 PM BBT: Once again, many the HouseGuests pretty much ignore production’s urging to wake the hell up until early afternoon. Finally we get a bit of game talk with new besties Elissa and Amanda, who are celebrating their hopeful success at keeping Amanda in the game and blindsiding the rest of the house at the eviction when Spencer is voted out instead. (They think they have Andy’s vote but they don’t.) Amanda says she tried to campaign to Judd but he said he felt he would work better with Spencer and that he said he tried to work with Elissa but she wouldn’t listen to anything he said.

3:15 PM BBT: Elissa says Judd called one of the production staff in the Diary Room a foul name and he is in a really bad mood.

3:30 PM BBT: Amanda says for Aaryn’s birthday in the Jury house they called her a racist. They smack talk about Jessie for a while. McCrae jokes about using his Coup d’etat this week when he heads off to the Diary Room. (We hope he was joking…)

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (8)3:40 PM BBT: GinaMarie says she would punch herself in the face to knock herself out to skip ahead to the eviction so she can see Amanda’s face when she gets evicted. GM says this move will go down in show history. Spencer comes in and joins her and Andy. Spencer says he was so pissed at Amanda this morning when she woke him up and told him he might go home tomorrow that he almost said something. They smack talk some more about Amanda and how she’s so obvious with acting like she’s still queen of the world.

3:50 PM BBT: Andy tells McCrae he has never been so scared of a vote. McCrae says he feels the same and that he still hasn’t told GinaMarie how he is going to vote. Andy says he thinks GM knows he will vote to keep Amanda.

Andy goes back up to the HoH room to tell his comrades about talking to McCrae. He says McCrae trusts him way more than Elissa. Judd laughs and tells them that he told Elissa to meet him in the cockpit if he wins HoH. He says he would ask her who to put up… and then put her up. Andy says they should go to Elissa right before the vote and tell her that McCrae is going to vote against Amanda. (This could cover Andy’s a** when he doesn’t vote for Amanda and/or possibly get her to vote against Amanda too if she isn’t lying about her vote already.)

4:05 PM BBT: Amanda, McCrae and Elissa talk about whether this week will be another double eviction. The finale is growing close… and he HouseGuests have gotten some hints from production, like GinaMarie being told to practice even though she is the HoH.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (11)4:20 PM BBT: Feeling hopeful about the upcoming eviction, McCrae and Amanda can’t wait to see how GinaMarie reacts when Spencer is the one voted out. (We still question whether Elissa is playing an elaborate game here and lying to Amanda about her vote and we know they don’t have Andy’s vote. So they are going to be pissed.)

6:10 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Spencer trash talk about Amanda. Judd joins and tells them he told Elissa to get the f**k away from him. He says he can’t stand her. Andy joins and tells Judd he needs to chill out with Elissa. Andy talks about Amanda being a b*tch to GinaMarie. Andy says Gm and Judd both need to play it cool with Amanda. They don’t seem to care. Judd says he f**king hates Elissa. Spencer and Andy both say they ranted about Elissa in the Diary Room. Judd says “they thought Rachel was bad but at least Rachel had a personality… she’s a brainless plastic doll.” Andy says she “is a robot whose circuits are programmed for lunacy… if America votes for her for America’s favorite I will die.”

6:30 PM BBT: Spencer says he lied when he told Amanda about how Howard and Candice got to do a Diary Room interview together. (Which she hasn’t gotten to do with McCrae.) He says he just wanted to piss Amanda off.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (15)7:10 PM BBT: Elissa thinks Andy has told other HouseGuests about their plan. Amanda is totally confident they can trust Andy. (What about the fact that y’all have told Judd about the plan too?) Elissa tries to convince McCrae and Amanda that Andy is not going to vote to keep her. They believe he is going to stick to the deal. (Is Elissa trying to set up the vote? Does she think Andy WILL vote for Amanda but she isn’t going to, so she is trying to put the blame on him? That would be priceless considering that is exactly what he is trying to do in reverse.)

7:40 PM BBT: Amanda tells Judd that Elissa is angry with him. He says he will apologize to her later for being pissy at her.

7:55 PM BBT: Amanda asks Andy if Spencer is doing any campaigning or if he is totally certain he is staying. Andy says Spencer thinks he is absolutely safe and isn’t working at it at all.

9:20 PM BBT: After a few hours of not much interesting going on, Amanda launches into her next major catfight in the house. This time it’s with GinaMarie with most of the other HouseGuests as witnesses during a Jenga game.

GinaMarie thinks Amanda smirked at an inappropriate time. This leads into one of the nastiest verbal fights we’ve seen inside the house this season. They both go to a very dark place and say things about each other we don’t even want to repeat in print. There are insults about sluts, eating disorders, drug abuse, pregnancy and more. One of our favorite lines comes from GinaMarie, when tells Amanda her “f**king vag*na must look like 50 pounds big like your mouth.” Oh, and Amanda calls GinaMarie a “psycho, psycho, psycho, psychopath, psychopath” in reference to her Nick stalking. (The looks on the guys’ faces are priceless.)

You’ll definitely want to rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds for the full experience. Or maybe not, it is VILE what these two women scream at each other. Judd laughs at some of the fight but eventually steps in to prevent things from going way too far and maybe getting physical. McCrae, meanwhile, does nothing at all pretty much. He is over Amanda’s sh*t.

9:45 PM BBT: Amanda cries in the Have Not Room and slams McCrae for not standing up for her. (Well, of course he didn’t. He can’t afford to piss off GinaMarie, who is already going to want to nuke him because he’s with Amanda.) She calls him a pu**y and just enabled GinaMarie in insulting her. GinaMarie comes in and sort of apologizes, although we don’t really believe she is sincere. (She knows she needs McCrae not to target her next.) She says everyone is an emotional wreck right now and it got way out of control.

10:10 PM BBT: Amanda switches to crying in the photo booth. Then she cries in the bedroom. Elissa tried to comfort her and then McCrae, but we don’t really get that he cares all that much. Amanda’s former hated enemy and now best buddy Elissa seemed more sincere even. Amanda and McCrae get into it a bit about him not defending her to GinaMarie. He says there was no point in doing that, this is Big Brother and it is part of the game. There is no right or wrong here.

10:50 PM BBT: Elissa plays nicey-nice with GinaMarie and helps her with her hair while GM recounts the whole fight with Amanda.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (35)11:10 PM BBT: Andy, Spencer and Judd talk about the plan at the eviction for Andy to betray Amanda by voting against her but blame Elissa for the vote instead. (They assume Elissa will actually vote to save Amanda as she has promised.) They talk about how if Elissa wins the Head of Household, they should maybe blame the vote against Amanda on McCrae instead. Whatever they have to do to keep Andy off the hot seat and keep The Exterminators alliance intact.

11:20 PM BBT: Elissa tells GinaMarie that she would target McCrae as the second person to go in a double eviction.

12:20 AM BBT: Judd tries to apologize to Elissa but it’s not going across very well. He tries to make it sound like it’s all good because if they look like they hate each other, then maybe they won’t go on the block together.

12:50 AM BBT: GinaMarie swore she would not give up her Head of Household room to McCrae and Amanda for their last night (even if they don’t know it is). In the end, however, she caves and lets them have it and goes to sleep in Nick’s old bed.

1:30 AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae talk about the eviction vote. Amanda wants to talk to Elissa again just to make sure things are okay. McCrae says that if Amanda does get evicted, he wants GinaMarie out and will try to work with Judd since he doesn’t have anyone else.

McCrae tells Amanda it was a bad idea to pick a huge fight with GinaMarie when she might end up casting a tie-breaker vote in Thursday’s eviction. Amanda is not happy about that. She sends him off to listen in on what is going on downstairs even though he doesn’t want to and doesn’t care.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Wednesday Highlights (1)2:25 AM BBT: The Exterminators talk about the double eviction possibilities. They are praying that they all make it through with the alliance intact.

2:40 AM BBT: McCrae worries that Andy will indeed flip his vote on them. Amanda is still confident he won’t and thinks it is too early in the game for him to turn on them.

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