Big Brother 15 Week 10 Thursday Evening Highlights (50)On Big Brother 15 tonight, Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson are facing the possible end of their showmance as one of them looks likely to be evicted on Thursday night. One of them is probably going to the Jury house this week, but which one will it be? Join us for our Big Brother recap of the week 10 Power of Veto show and watch all the action with us!

Ever since new Head of Household GinaMarie Zimmerman put showmance couple McCrae and Amanda up on the block, this week has mostly been about which half of McCranda would end up going out the door tomorrow night. Hope seems mighty slim for any chance they might both make it through the first half of the double eviction together.

If McCrae or Amanda wins the Power of Veto, it seems almost certain the other one will be headed out the door. So not only are the fighting the whole house for the PoV, but they are forced to fight each other as well. Even if one of them does manage to win their way through and save themselves, they still have a second eviction to face and unless the survivor wins Head of Household as well — they are likely doomed anyway.

But wait… is there a nefarious plan in the works between former enemies to forestall the inevitable destruction of the last showmance in the house? Could it be possible that McCranda might actually make it through not just one, but both evictions intact? Keep on reading for our Big Brother 15 recap and find out!

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(Please note that our recap will not be as detailed as usual due to an unexpected event. However, you can read on for the Big Brother spoilers on the Power of Veto Competition and PoV Ceremony results.)

Power of Veto Competition Results:

The PoV players this week were GinaMarie as Head of Household, McCrae and Amanda as eviction nominees and randomly selected HouseGuests Andy, Spencer and Elissa. Before going into the competition, Andy stated on the Big Brother Live Feeds that he did not want to win and would do his best not to. He would rather keep his hands clean and not have the power and be expected to use it.

Those who had wanted to get McCrae evicted this week instead of Amanda were highly disappointed when he came up as the winner of the Power of Veto Competition. Amanda was, as one might guess, torn between being distraught over not winning and trying to be happy for McCrae that he did. There was never any doubt that McCrae would do some kind of crazy self-sacrifice and use the PoV to save Amanda — he never even offered. It pissed Amanda off a bit that he didn’t offer.

Power of Veto Ceremony:

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, McCrae used the PoV to save himself. Sticking with the plan she had formulated with her new alliance, The Exterminators (GM, Andy, Spencer and Judd), GinaMarie put up Spencer as the replacement nominee. Spencer had volunteered to go up as the pawn this week to save Andy from having nervous fits at being on the block again. Spencer has pretty much become the professional pawn of the house. The plan for the house majority (which is pretty much ruled now by The Exterminators) is to vote out Amanda.

The Aftermath:

What followed the Power of Veto Ceremony is the really interesting part… After Spencer went up as the renom and it was clear the house majority was against Amanda, the results of the first live eviction on Thursday night seemed crystal clear. And then things went weird…

Just in case this isn’t covered on tonight’s show and you don’t want to know before tomorrow’s episode, we’ll direct you over here to our special Big Brother spoilers post about what happened next. Believe us, it’s a shocker!

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