Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, we were gifted with another crazed confrontation in the house when Amanda Zuckerman and GinaMarie Zimmerman exploded at each other out of nowhere. What started as a verbal spat in the midst of a Jenga game turned into a nasty, ugly fight filled with the most disgusting insults imaginable. The whole thing degraded so far that eventually Judd Daughtery had to physically step in between the two before things went too far.

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With GinaMarie as the Head of Household who put Amanda on the block for eviction this week, one might expect the two to have some tension between them. You’d think, however, for Amanda to want to be as nice to GM as possible before the live eviction on Thursday considering she may end up casting the tie-breaker vote to decide who gets booted out. Apparently not.

So what happened and how did this huge blowout come about? Keep on reading for the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on one of the biggest fights of the season!

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The b*tch fight between Amanda and GinaMarie erupted around 9:20 PM BBT on the Live Feeds Wednesday night. All of the HouseGuests except Elissa were in the kitchen with everyone but Amanda gathered around the dining room table with a Jenga game. Amanda had just returned from talking with production in the Diary Room. (We love that timing right before a major fight…)

Amanda asks GinaMarie about where Elissa is (she’s in bed) and the conversation weirdly turns sour when GinaMarie thinks Amanda is smirking at her. She wants to know what is so funny. Amanda tells her she has an attitude today. GM gets pissy and says that’s great after she was nice enough to give Amanda and McCrae her Head of Household room for the night. Amanda says she doesn’t care. GM says Amanda tries to make her look stupid. GM says Amanda was telling everyone she makes herself throw up. Amanda says Aaryn was the one doing that.

Oh it gets a lot worse. GinaMarie says Amanda jumped in bed with the first guy to win Head of Household so she could use him. Amanda calls GM psychotic and tells her that everyone knows Nick didn’t want anything to do with her. “That’s how you are portrayed in the house, as the psycho!” GM shoots back that Amanda is the “dirty dirtbag wh*re” and she’s “f**ked a million guys… McCrae, I feel bad for you bro.” The guys, meanwhile, are sitting around the table looking like they would rather be in hell. Although now and then a particularly snarky insult will elicit a smile or laugh (Judd laughs at several).

GM says Amanda has multiple personalities on she’s on 50 pounds of meds and has a cocaine problem. Amanda says GM needs to be on medication. GM asks Amanda how her yeast infection is. Amanda counters “how’s your two cl*t rings… class act!” GM calls out Amanda’s tramp stamp back tattoo and says she doesn’t know what is worse looking, her tramp stamp or her f**king face.”

And it keeps going… Amanda tells GM that Nick thought she was psycho. “Psycho, psycho, psychopath, psychopath.” GM says some things we just can’t even repeat about Amanda’s girl parts, although we will share GM’s statement that Amanda’s “f**king vag*na must look like 50 pounds big like your mouth!” She also tells Amanda that her mother is probably embarrassed at her parading around half naked all the time and that she sucks c*ck for money.” Andy can’t help himself and laughs and Amanda calls him out for “enabling her horrible f**king behavior.” Amanda starts crying. GM mocks her for the “water works” and says the “Academy Award goes to Amanda.”

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At one point around 9:35 PM BBT, Judd actually steps up and thrusts an arm in between GinaMarie and Amanda when they physically get in each other’s faces to try to calm them down. After all, we wouldn’t want another Willie Hantz type eviction for getting physical, right?

Although GinaMarie apologizes later around 9:50 PM BBT, Amanda doesn’t think it is sincere and she doesn’t really apologize for her side of the fight. If GM had been planning to vote to keep Amanda over Spencer in a tie-breaker (she wasn’t), then we think that would have totally killed that idea. It’s never a good idea to piss on someone like these two just did to each other when you are both still in the house. Even if you know one of them is going out, you still don’t want to give a Jury member a reason to hate you.

This fight just made Amanda and GinaMarie both look bad. But it certainly did give us an action-filled night to watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen after the double eviction tonight. If you don’t yet have the Feeds for yourself so you can watch the aftermath, there is still time to try out a two-day free trial and join us for all the fun!

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