Big Brother 2013 cast member Elissa Slater has had a bad week. Unfortunately for the rest of the HouseGuests, she’s been taking out her frustration in very destructive ways. Yesterday, the sh*t really hit the fan when Elissa went into complete meltdown mode on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds and threatened to bring her allies’ blindside eviction plan down in flames.

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Elissa has been on the edge since she found out she didn’t win the Big Brother 15 Most Valuable Player power this week, basically rendering her totally useless to her allies and everyone else in the house except for her solitary vote. With the knowledge in hand that without the MVP her days are probably severely numbered, Elissa seems to have just lost all ability to keep her mouth shut — putting herself and her allies in danger.

WARNING: Big Brother spoilers ahead! This post contains behind-the-scenes BB15 spoilers from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS network show. Please do not keep reading if you don’t want to know!

For a taste of some of the drama that led up to last night’s Elissa epic confrontation with Aaryn and Elissa, check out our previous post here.

At around 7:30 PM, Elissa does exactly what Helen and her alliance mates have told her NOT to do. She tells Kaitlin that she is a target because people believe she is in a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer (and GinaMarie, but she leaves that out). She tells Kaitlin that she should confront Aaryn for saying that she is in such an alliance (even though it was Judd who actually told her that originally, not Aaryn, who never has.) You can flip over to our Tuesday Big Brother 15 Live Feeds report for the whole gist of the conversation.

Aaryn overhears all of this and goes running to McCrae/Amanda/Helen and etc. totally freaked out because Elissa is putting her chance of not being evicted this week in danger. Kaitlin, meanwhile, goes and tells all of this to Andy. And then we move right along to a big, fat, ugly catfight between Elissa, Aaryn and Kaitlin in front of most of the other HouseGuests, including Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie, Helen and Judd. You can roll back on the Big Brother Live Feeds to around 8:00 PM BBT for that, or get the summary in our Tuesday report here.

After the big fight and pretty much everyone figuring out that everyone else has been talking smack behind their backs, Judd, Helen and their allies try to collect themselves and get the plan to blindside Kaitlin out the door back on track. They are all very clear that Elissa needs to be voted out as soon as bloody possible after all of this. Which might just be part of her plan actually, because Elissa REALLY doesn’t seem to want to be in the house anymore but she seems unwilling to actually go through with her threats to self-evict.

Untitled-4s copyHead of Household Judd is especially ticked because now he thinks Howard and Spencer are going to go after him because of all the talk about them making deals and secret alliances when he was supposed to be working with them. His side of the house better win HoH or he might just end up as the next eviction nominee.

To wrap things up with even more drama, late last night Elissa tells Candice that it was actually Amanda who started the rumor that Kaitlin was in a secret alliance with Spencer, Howard and GinaMarie, not Aaryn after all. Candice turns right around and tells Howard and Kaitlin what Elissa said, which totally throws Kaitlin for a loop. Elissa is stirring the pot like an insane person and everyone is going to want to vote her right out of the house next week.

Helen said in the wee hours of Wednesday morning that something really must be wrong with Elissa to be acting this way and we agree. Personally, we think Elissa has realized without the MVP power, she is nothing but “Rachel Reilly’s sister” and she stands virtually no chance of winning Big Brother 15. If she isn’t going to get the half a million dollars, Elissa just seems to have decided to completely remove her self-edit feature and say and do whatever the hell she wants until she gets evicted.

What do you think about Elissa’s meltdown and betrayal of her alliance on the Big Brother 2013 Live Feeds? Do you think she’ll end up as one of the eviction nominees next week if she doesn’t win Head of Household?


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