Completely convinced that Howard won the Most Valuable Player power this week and put her up for eviction, Big Brother 15 cast member Elissa Slater has now designated him as her number one enemy in the house. Not only is she incensed that he supposedly put her up on the block, she is also telling everyone on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that he has been abusing his “religion” as a game play tactic.

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Elissa can’t believe the theory (which is true) that America is the MVP this week because she doesn’t believe they would vote to put her on the block after choosing her as the MVP three weeks in a row. Thus, she has decided Howard won it — something half the Big Brother 15 house seems to believe at this point. Only Elissa, however, has decided to turn her frustration over not being chosen as the MVP into a war against Howard and how she believes he uses “religion” as way to appear more trustworthy and likable to the other HouseGuests and the viewers.

WARNING: Big Brother spoilers ahead! This post contains behind-the-scenes BB15 spoilers from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS network show. Please do not keep reading if you don’t want to know!

At this point, Elissa is almost totally convinced that Howard won the MVP this week and put her up on the block. If she hadn’t won the Power of Veto, Elissa may well have gotten evicted and she is not a happy camper — despite repeatedly saying at this point that she kind of wants to go home. Elissa has been talking smack far and wide about how Howard is using his “religion” as a game play tactic and how she finds that utterly disgusting. It was one such talk Tuesday afternoon with Amanda that seemed to spark a full day of Elissa meltdown that ended up with the entire Big Brother 15 house in an uproar.

Around 3:00 PM BBT on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Howard tells Andy, Amanda and McCrae that Howard tried to talk to her and she said no. Elissa and Amanda both think Howard was the MVP. Elissa goes on about how it makes her so angry that Howard has been swearing on the bible that he is telling the truth and using his religious stuff as a strategy. She says she is religious but she doesn’t do that. Andy tries to shush her and she gets defensive, asking him if he thinks she uses her religion that way? He says no, she was just being too loud. She accuses him of rolling his eyes at her. Meanwhile Amanda and mcCrae are laughing at her being loud and Elissa then attacks them for laughing at her talking about religion, which they weren’t.

Amanda: “What a minute, what?”
Andy: “Oh my god, I was just laughing because you were talking loud.”
Elissa: “Well it’s not funny, because like it’s part of my daily…”
Andy: “No no no no..I wasn’t making fun of you at all! I was just trying to like..”
Elissa: “Well I don’t think it’s funny and I don’t appreciate it. This is me. I don’t put on a show for you guys. I just want to be clear that I don’t care what any of you guys think.”

Elissa keeps b*tching about them making fun of her and she doesn’t give a crap what anyone things of her and then gets up and stomps off. That’s just the beginning though…

Andy and McCrae try to calm things down with Elissa but she really just isn’t hearing them. She keeps harping on the religion thing and they are trying to tell her that it has nothing to do with that, she was just being too loud. Andy tells her that Howard is in a secret alliance with Kaitlin and GinaMarie (which she already knows from Judd) and they were right there where they could hear her talking about him. They keep trying to drill home that it was all a misunderstanding and Elissa keeps bashing Howard for “using his religion” as a game tactic. Elissa still just doesn’t get it… but that bit about the “secret alliance” is important for later…

A bit later, Elissa crawls into the shower (clothed, on the floor, lol) with Amanda to smack talk about Howard with the one person who might actually appreciate it. Amanda hates Howard as much as Elissa does. She tells Amanda that Andy was laughing at her and Amanda tries to tell her he wasn’t but Elissa doesn’t want to hear it. She says of course Andy would deny he was laughing at her and he means NOTHING to her. And the iceberg keeps building…

Amanda: “Don’t worry about it.”
Elissa: “Like, nothing. It’s so rude & offensive.”
Amanda: “Everyone knows you’re a good christian.”
Elissa: “I don’t CARE what they THINK!”
Amanda: “I’m talking about America…you don’t use that as part of your game..don’t worry about Andy.”
Elissa: “I’m gonna go talk to production [about going home] because that’s just so offensive & rude. Like, I should not have to be subjected to defamatory…” (feeds cut out)

Yes, Elissa pulled out the threat that she is going to self-evict, which we would just love to see her do at this point. We love drama on Big Brother 15 but Elissa’s drama is getting way over the top.

Elissa: “Everything that has happened in my life is because I’m a good person. And I know who I am and I don’t care at all what they think. It’s just like, so stupid. Like, how stupid do you look for making fun of someones religion…. Like, that’s pathetic! [Andy] makes me feel like I can’t even read my bible….I’ve never been around people with total lack of etiquette..I’m gonna go talk to (production) after this because this is ridiculous.”

After Amanda finally escapes from Elissa’s crazy, she runs off to tell Judd and McCrae about all of it.

Later that evening, all hell breaks loose because Elissa is in a b*tchy mood and now seems out to wreck everything she can before the next eviction. The whole plan that she has repeatedly agreed to about voting out Kaitlin instead of Aaryn, whom she detests? Well, Elissa appears to have decided to try to screw that up royally if she can. Check out a full rundown of Elissa’s rampage through the house and the massive showdown that ensued between her, Kaitlin and Aaryn in front of the other HouseGuests in our Tuesday Live Feeds report.

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