Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week One

We have Big Brother spoilers coming in from the Live Feeds on the first eviction nominations for the fall season! Which two houseguests will be the first to face the dreaded chopping block on BBOTT?


After a long and amusing plague-themed game of tag, new Head of Household Monte Massongill was hit from all sides about who he should put up on the block. Monte had his own plan of action from the minute he ‘won’ HoH, however, and it looks like he’s going to stick with going after a big target.

The houseguests in general are worried about veteran player Jason Roy, and Monte is feeling the same.  They should be considering how much viewer voting plays into this new Big Brother Over the Top season. Jason was a fan favorite on his season, despite getting voted out, and if he’s sitting at the end with the viewers voting for the winner, he seems almost guaranteed a landslide vote.

Yep, CBS certainly stacked the vote in getting Jason Roy into the house (who the hell was going to vote for Jozea?), and they’ve stacked the vote for the winner if Jason does get to the final two.

Although Jason made a strong pitch to Monte that keeping him around would be a good thing in case their is an America’s Favorite Player this season, but it didn’t really work. While it might be good for Monte to have Jason on his side, especially if he ended up with AFP like Elissa back in Big Brother 15, the veteran player is just too dangerous in a sea of newbies.

Late last night, Monte made it clear to Shane and Whitney that he plans to target Jason. The second nomination is a little more difficult. Monte wants to make sure there isn’t a tempting person for the other houseguests to get out instead of Jason. It’s only ten short weeks, so there’s no time to waste to get out those big targets.

Kryssie was discussed to go up as the secondary nominee and possible second target if Jason wins the Power of Veto. Shelby was also discussed as the possible second eviction nominee because she seems a safe bet not to draw votes from Jason, but Monte wasn’t really into that because he didn’t want Shelby to accidentally end up going home.

The official nominations ceremony hasn’t happened yet, but we are pretty certain Jason will go up as the main target, and Kryssie as the secondary nominee. Then, of course, we’ll have the CBS All Access subscribors voting on Sunday for a third nominee.

We’ll update you with the official nominations results spoilers as soon as they are out!

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