Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds Exclusive Content Now LIVE!

The Big Brother Live Feeds are open for business! The 24/7 camera feeds from inside the Big Brother 16 house won’t kick on until the June 25 premiere. However, as of right now, subscribers to the Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds can login to access a slew of exclusive pre-season features!

Big Brother Live Feeds Chat

CBS Big Brother opened up the 2014 Live Feeds page to subscribers on June 4 just after 12PM PT. The initial pre-season content offered up to subscribers include a slew of Big Brother chat rooms and a half-dozen exclusive videos. A promised live chat with a special guest was supposedly also scheduled to happen sometime during launch day, but we haven’t seen anything about it.

The best of the pre-season content put up so far — and it’s just a tiny amount compared to how much there will be — are the videos with Big Brother 16 Executive Producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan about the new season.

We especially enjoyed the one where Allison said that reading “all the crazy books about how to get on a reality show” doesn’t work. We wonder if former Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling, author of How To Get On Reality TV, has heard that one yet…

In addition to several videos with Allison and Rich, hosted by former Big Brother fan favorite Jeff Schroeder, there are also a couple of “Where Are They Now” videos and a few other pieces of early pre-season video content. We look forward to seeing a lot more coming soon.

There will also be live chats all around with the first one (barring one actually happening today) listed with Hayden Moss on Tuesday, June 10 at 3PM.

Big Brother Live Feeds Chat Banner

Jump in now and sign up for the Big Brother Live Feeds for full insider access to the Big Brother house all season long, and get in on all of the exclusive content and perks ONLY for subscribers! 


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