Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 43: Pre-Eviction Panic

The Big Brother 21 game kicked it up a notch with actual gaming. Sam Smith wasn’t going to go home without a fight. He decided to throw out his strongest card by exposing some of Christie Murphy’s game. He let Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews know that Christie was okay with Cliff Hogg III targeting them during his Head of Household reign. The two men had very different reactions to it.

Jackson takes it as the gospel truth and makes sure to tell his showmance partner Holly Allen what Sam told him about Christie claiming that she was bullied by the Jacks, and that she was okay with them being targets. Jack decided to tell Tommy Bracco and expected him not to tell Christie. Of course, Tommy started defending Christie and implying that Sam made it up. Jack seemed to agree with Tommy.

Tommy then tried to make Jack and Analyse Talavera suspicious of why Jackson was keeping this information to himself. Later, Tommy went to Sam to hear it straight from him. Tommy listened to Sam but more so defended Christie and her game moves. Tommy also revealed to Sam that he suspected that Jackson, Holly, and Kathryn Dunn knew each other before the show and were a secret trio. He told him that Holly only nominated Kat to throw people off.

While all this was going on, the Outsiders discussed how the Six would go after each other eventually. They wanted to form a new group from those ashes. Nick Maccarone told Nicole Anthony and Cliff that he would always have their backs. They told him the same and that they needed to start to go after the Six Shooters .Jessica Milagros and Nicole also spoke about forming a new group and pulling Holly in with them.

Later, Cliff spoke to Holly and he basically told her that Jackson will always be a target but he wants to work with her. He wants them to work with Jessica and Nicole. She agrees and says he would never be a target for her. Cliff also tells Holly that Christie let him know about Jackson being the rogue vote and trying to blame Nicole for it.

Later, Sam also fills Holly in on what happened with Christie trying to throw the Jacks under the bus. Holly already knew this from Analyse and Jackson, but she pretends it is new info. She said she wish that Sam told her before the Veto Ceremony, because then she would have put up Nicole. After Sam left, Holly made sure to know that they had to keep Kat instead of Sam. They also discussed how Jack should not tell Tommy about the Christie thing because they’re the strongest duo. Of course, it was too late. Jackson and Jack had a quick discussion where Jack lied about telling Tommy. He also tried to defend Christie’s actions, but Jackson said it was more than that.
After talking to Christie, Tommy warns her that something is up and he would tell her later. Christie starts to cry about her sensing bad energy and not liking that people can’t be real with her like in real life. Many players comfort her, including Nick.

Tommy, Jack, and Jackson discuss whether to tell Christie what Sam said. Jackson clearly shows that he doesn’t trust Christie anymore, but Tommy and Jack defend her, want to give her the benefit of the doubt. They all still agree to vote out Sam tonight.

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