Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 5 Eviction Predictions-Can Sam Save Himself from Eviction?

We have nothing but respect for a Big Brother player who campaigns all the way to the end. Sam Smith decided to not just fall on the sword of eviction   by fighting until the very end. Yesterday, Sam created a lot of waves by trying to put the spotlight on the most dangerous player in Big Brother 21: Christie Murphy.

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Sam succeeded in his mission to create doubt among the Six Shooters, but it didn’t create enough doubts. Jackson Michie and Holly Allen were already suspicious of Christie, so this just confirmed what they suspected. Jack Matthews, forever in love with Christie, decided to stay true to his one true love by believing that if she was saying things against them, it wasn’t her true intentions.

He told her closest ally, Tommy Bracco, about the chatter surrounding Christie this week, which should give her enough paranoia to use her power if she suspects that one of her growing game enemies might try to take her out. Despite Sam creating even more distrust in the Six Shooters, it doesn’t seem to have saved him.

Kathryn Dunn just seems more like an ally and inoffensive player when compared to a double Veto winner, nice guy, family man like Sam. He would beat almost any of them in a final two scenario, right now Kat would lose against almost anyone. Therefore, they all still plan to vote Sam out tonight, so guess thanks for the info, Sam?

We expect the votes to go as followed:

Analyse Talavera votes to evict Sam
Christie votes to evict Sam
Cliff Hogg III votes to evict Sam
Jack votes to evict Sam
Jackson votes to evict Sam
Jessica Milagros votes to evict Sam
Nick Maccarone votes to evict Sam
Nicole Anthony votes to evict Sam
Tommy votes to evict Sam

Sam will be voted out by a unanimous vote. The only possible change would be if Nick decided to throw Sam a vote, but because of how much heat Sam got from voting with Nick to keep Isabella Wang, we doubt anyone will stick their neck out to be that one solo vote this week. It’s unfortunate Sam is going this week because he’s one of the few players who might be willing to make a big move against the Six, especially Christie. But we’re sure Sam would prefer being home with his family than stuck in the jury for the next month and a half.

Do you think Sam will go home this week? Or can he do something in the next few hours to chance his game fate?

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