Who Went Home On Big Brother 21 Tonight? (8/1/19)

Here we go in week five of Big Brother 21, and the Six Shooters remain firmly in control of the game. Nick Maccarone narrowly escaped eviction this week by winning the Power of Veto competition. That was no problem for Holly Allen, this week’s Head of Household. Holly had planned in advance and nominated two of the Six Shooters top nemesis’ to the block this week.

Big Brother 21 Sam Smith

Sam Smith and Kathryn Dunn are the final two houseguests sitting on the eviction block, but Kat is merely there as a pawn. Sam will most likely be evicted tonight, barring a Big Brother 21 miracle. The Six Shooters are steamrolling over the Big Brother house and have been all season. Can someone take control back in the Big Brother 21 house tonight?

Week Five Power of Veto Ceremony Fallout

Sam refuses to roll over and accept his fate of being evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. He is willing to fight to the end. Kat feels pretty safe at the moment. Analyse Talavera is pro Sam and may be a lifeline he could work to save his game. Sam has a lot of work to do if he has any chance of saving his game tonight, and the cracks starting to form within the Six Shooters are his only hope.

Week Five Last Minute Deals & Game Talk

Kat and Holly are secretly very close in the house. Kat wants to create some space between Holly and the Six Shooters to help her game. Therefore, Kat approached Holly and told her about Christie Murphy‘s plans to disassemble the Six Shooters before final six. She does not want to go down to final six with couples in her alliance. Holly has suspected Christie is making other deals in the house and now has the intel to prove her suspicions correct.

Sam knows he needs to blow up the Six Shooters to have any chance of avoiding eviction. Apparently, Christie had loose lips last week during Cliff’s HOH. Sam goes to Jackson Michie with info about Christie being willing to vote out either of the “Jacks” under Cliff’s guidance. Now Michie is confirming his suspicions about Christie just like Holly is right now.

Michie and Holly compare notes about Christie. Michie tells Holly that Sam is willing to work with them going forward and will target Christie for them. Holly is completely regretting listening to Christie when the replacement nominee had to be picked this week. Holly wanted to put up Nicole Anthony, but Christie insisted on Kat because Nicole is no threat to her game.

Big Brother 21

Michie brings Jack Matthews into the fold and lets him in on the idea of Sam working with them in the future. They are very aware that the Six Shooters are rapidly falling apart. If they flip the vote, Kat will be a casualty this week due to Christie’s loose lips it seems.

Week Five Live Eviction Vote

Christie Votes To Evict Sam
Nicole Votes To Evict Sam
Michie Votes To Evict Sam
Jack Votes To Evict Sam
Nick Votes To Evict Sam
Analyse Votes To Evict Sam
Jessica Milagros Votes To Evict Sam
Cliff Votes To Evict Sam
Tommy Bracco Votes To Evict Sam

By an unanimous of 9 to 0, Sam is evicted from the Big Brother 21 house. During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Julie tells Sam that as of 3 PM PST earlier today, he was going to be saved and stay in the house. He thinks Kat cried more and got their pity vote in the end. He is also very sure that the Six Shooters are on the verge of collapse. He thinks Jack is going to go after Michie soon. That should be interesting.

America’s Vote

For the next eight days, voting is open to select three houseguests to go on a Big Brother field trip. This winner of this special competition will be safe for the week, second place will receive a punishment, and third place will be placed on the block for eviction as the third member of the block. This special comp will be held the week after next, so this will be for week seven moving forward. Here is the link for voting. CLICK HERE.

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Camp Expo. All of the houseguests are given “study time” to go around and look at the various kiosks and advertisements in the backyard. After their allotted time to study is over, they will face a series of true and false questions. Answer incorrectly, and the houseguest is eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing wins the HOH competition. This comp will continue on the live feeds. Click HERE to subscribe now and watch the competition live.

Join us again Sunday, August 4th 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the block nominations.

Big Brother 21

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