Big Brother 17 Rankings: Who’s On Top In Week 11? 9/10/2015

We are down to just two weeks before the Big Brother 17 finale and anything could happen between now and when the next Big Brother winner is named. Our rankings have more difficult every week as we try to determine who is most likely to survive the next round, and who is in the most danger of getting the boot next.

Big Brother 17 Top 6 (CBS)
Big Brother 17 Top 6 (CBS)

This week it isn’t difficult to see who is going to be next to the Jury house, based on the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Trying to determine which Houseguests are the next targets in line for eviction, however, is not such an easy task.

6. Julia – This week Julia basically quits the game for Liz to play for both of them. I believe Julia views Liz as a better contender to win the game and she’d be right. Julia is the biggest goat left in the game and Liz has played a pretty good game so far. She’s a threat to win challenges and if she’s sitting in those final two chairs she has a good argument. With that said, Julia really hasn’t done much in the game, so I am not surprised to see her leave this week. I am more shocked she lasted this long, but most of that has to do with her being protected by a dominant alliance throughout the entire season.

5. Liz – If she survives this week, she is in a pretty good position for next week. I can only see Liz going home if she’s possibly next to Vanessa, barring any potential blowup in the game of everyone sharing seeds about Vanessa’s gameplay. Liz is viewed as a competitive threat, but at this point you just comp your way to the end of the game and get respect from the jury. I do think she loses points if Julia exposes to the jury she quit to let Liz play for them both.

4. Steve – Steve will be in some deep trouble next week if anyone but John gets HOH and even Vanessa might want him out. He’s a threat with late game competitions being in his favor, I would not be shocked if he’s the boot next week. If John does not win HOH, he better hope to win POV or his game is done. A lot of it has to do with only five people left in the game this week, but he did put up Austwins this week.

3. Austin – Austin, who was nominated for the first time this week, won the power of veto when he needed it most and he’s lucky he did or he would be out the door. He was the main target this week by Steve and John. He’s still in trouble going into next week unless he or Liz wins HOH and he would go home next to Liz or Julia. His biggest problem going forward is someone like Vanessa thinks he has a lot of jury votes likely because of James, Jackie, Meg, so she might be afraid to keep him in the game.

2. John – He has put himself in a pretty good position since returning to the game. But for his game, John needs to pull together an HOH win because he is the only current player (Minus Julia) to not win an HOH. If he does not win POV, he might end up next to Steve, but if Steve wins POV that might spell the end of John’s game. It just depends on the circumstances, but maybe he’ll finally pull out the HOH win. He has finished second place in multiple HOH competitions this season.

1. Vanessa – While I think her game is generally overrated, she is in the best position for next week and if the houseguest do not compare notes she will be safe going into the final four. For Vanessa, she’s sitting in the middle of two alliances and she must NOT win HOH next week. The problem with her winning HOH is she would have to choose Austin/Liz and John/Steve which could lose her more jury votes. My only problem with Vanessa is that if the others compare notes she may end up in trouble next week.

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