Who Won Power of Veto on Big Brother? 8/12/2015

Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 17 for week 7? Will the new Head of Household’s plans be shot to hell at the end of the competition, leaving them scrambling for a new target? We have the Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Power of Veto results!

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The eviction plans have been flying fast and furious on both sides of the house. The new HoH has a target dead set in their sites, but it all depended on who wins the Power of Veto. Right now the house is torn in several different ways over who should really go home this week. The results of the competition on Saturday might just finally nail down who is most likely going to be the first person going to Jury in Thursday’s Double Eviction.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Head of Household Becky wants Vanessa out, even though she’s tried to convince Vanessa that she is sticking with the ‘deal’ she made last week to evict Shelli next. However, Vanessa is pretty much sure she is the target and so she worked it hard to get in the Power of Veto Competition.

Vanessa campaigned to Shelli and Steve to pick her as Houseguest’s Choice if they drew that option. John also campaigned for the same thing, because he’s afraid he could end up the Replacement Nominee and out the door this week. He even begged Steve to choose him, even though he told him he would take down Shelli and not him, and Steve actually seemed to agree with this!

When it came time to draw the Power of Veto players, we ended up with Austin, Meg, and (uh-oh) Vanessa as the selected players. Shelli actually listened to Vanessa’s manipulations and picked her with Houseguest’s Choice! So there will be no ‘backdoor’ of Vanessa because she got to play in the Veto.

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The Veto Competition players for this week, selected on Saturday morning, were Shelli and Steve as nominees, Becky as HoH, and Austin, Meg, and Vanessa.

When the Live Feeds went down for the Veto Competition, they stayed down for nearly five hours. This actually prompted a top ten nationwide Twitter trend full of hilarious #WhenPOVStarted one-liners.

The reason the Feeds were down so long is because we had a revival of last year’s  fan favorite ‘comic book cover‘ challenge from last year. So it was a timed competition where the Houseguests had to go one after the other, instead of competing all at once. That’s why it took so long.

Big Brother 17 Comic Covers Gallery
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Check out the comic book covers for the previously eliminated Houseguests at Entertainment Weekly, including Audrey “The Blanket” Middleton!

It was quite the superhero battle for Power of Veto, but finally it was revealed that STEVE took home the prize. Honestly, after seeing Steve fail so badly at every competition this season (even the ones he didn’t throw and actually tried to win), we were a bit surprised.

Now we just have to see what Steve does with the PoV. He actually told Vanessa he wouldn’t use it, because she is afraid of being put up as the Replacement Nominee. But we really don’t think he could possibly be that crazy.

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