Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 36 Highlights: The Ring of Disappointment

Yesterday was a busy Big Brother 19 day as everyone prepared for the Power of Veto competition. The house had one goal: keep Jessica Graf from winning the Veto. In order to accomplish this, the Big Brother 19 house left nothing to chance as the Ring of Replacement finally got used.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

Meanwhile, Josh Martinez tried very hard to control his Big Brother week. As Jessica learned a few week’s ago, unless your name is Paul Abrahamian, don’t assume the Big Brother 19 house will do what you want.

A Civil Attempt

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

Jessica and Josh had a discussion about the Big Brother game and their history in it. Josh tried to reassure Jess to not panic yet. However, he never clarified that she wasn’t his target. They also talked about his bad blood with Cody Nickson. Jessica offered Josh a little insight into Cody’s beef with him. She cited week 1 when Josh yelled at Megan Lowder, betrayed his team, and took the golden apple for safety.

Josh said that it’s 40 days later, Cody needs to let it go.

Feeding the Masses

Big Brother 19 Ring of Replacement

Josh read an announcement to the Big Brother 19 house that revealed that there will be no Have-Nots for the week. Elena Davies was the only exception as she went for the No-Have Not temptation and that resulted in an extra Have-Not week.

Mark Jansen was especially enthusiastic about not being a Have-Not for a record breaking fourth week.

After that was settled, Christmas Abbott and Josh worked on convincing Paul that this week they didn’t need to use Christmas’s Ring of Replacement. It was better to save it for another week. Paul said he understood but kept persisting.

Christmas joked that it would be funny to see Cody’s face when she used it to take his spot in this week’s Power of Veto competition. However, we didn’t expect Christmas to actually use it.

The Feeds went down for the Power of Veto selection ceremony. They returned to Cody crying on Jessica’s shoulder. Christmas did use the Ring of Replacement and took Cody’s Veto spot.

Cody wasn’t the only one not happy about Christmas’s decision. Josh was visibly frustrated as Paul got his way, and Josh’s week was fastly going out of his control. Christmas and Jessica also had an argument about her decision.

Christmas accused Jessica of taking the game too personal.

Power of Veto Aftermath

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

It was now Jessica’s turn to be upset. Cody comforted her by saying how he would fight hard to stay at least two more weeks and take out those that wronged her. He named Raven Walton, Josh, Paul, Alex Ow, and Christmas.

Christmas and Paul insisted that Josh needed to get Mark to not use the POV on himself. They told him that he had to tell Mark to not use it to prove his loyalty to them. They saw it as the perfect screw you to Cody.

Obviously, Mark wasn’t listening and planned to use the Veto. Raven volunteered to go up as a pawn if Mark came down. However, Christmas, Paul, and Josh planned to try their hardest to get Mark not to use the Veto so no one else had to go up on the block.

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