Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 45: The Jacks Feel the Heat

Head of Household Jessica Milagros wanted to make a big move, because she felt disrespected that the Big Brother 21 houseguests tried to flip the vote on her house bestie Kathryn Dunn. She also didn’t like that they kept her out of the loop and tried to make a “house” decision without consulting her. It was time for Jessica to restore order in the Big Brother 21 house.

Jess went through the standard practice of having individual game talks, but she had two nominees in mind after speaking with Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony, and Kat the previous night. She mainly used the individual talks to get to the bottom of everything that happened yesterday. Mainly, she got confirmation that the Six Shooters were over (for now). She also found out that the main people behind the plan to flip the votes were Jack Matthews, Christie Murphy, and Tommy Bracco. Jessica respected and liked Christie too much to nominate her, but she wanted to keep their communication open to ensure that Christie didn’t use her power.

Tommy was feeling especially emotional today, often crying and saying that he felt guilty. He even spoke about trying to get on the block instead of Jack, because he thought he was just as much to blame for the vote flip as Jack. Analyse Talavera was also down because of everything that happened, the fake behavior in the Big Brother house, and Jack being a potential target.

When talking to anyone outside her core three players (plus Holly Allen), Jess made sure that they believed that Jackson Michie was the target. This made Christie, Tommy, Jack, and even Nick Maccarone confident that Jack would stay over Jackson this week. However, Jess’s real plan was to evict Jack if he doesn’t win the Veto today.

She didn’t like how he tried to make a game decision for the house, his mansplaining, and his general condescending tone with everyone. The Cliff’s Angels alliance also mentioned how Jack had more control over people than Jackson. Jackson would also always be a target, where Jack’s target could fade. Cliff also found out from several sources that Jack was targeting him now, so he had no problem voting him out. Christie, Jack, and Tommy also spoke about getting out Cliff after Jackson leaves.

Nick also spoke to Jess about doing whatever she wanted this week. He wanted their five (Cliff, Jess, Nicole, Nick, and Kat) to form an official alliance to go against the Six. He didn’t want any of them winning the game. He only wanted to make moves against them, not the underdog five.

Jess had a plan and she didn’t want anyone interfering with it. She told a few people that she wanted her Head of Household reign respected. She didn’t want the Veto used, and if someone did use it to save Jackson or Jack, then their ally would be in danger this week. Kat made sure to fill Holly in on Jess’s real plan, and Jack let Analyse know that he doesn’t trust Christie anymore, but he couldn’t make a move against her because he didn’t want to lose Tommy as an ally.

The Veto competition was already on everyone’s mind. Jackson said if he wins it, he wouldn’t use it because he would love to be sitting next to Jack when he got voted out. Holly discussed not using it and faking a breakup. Christie discussed using her power it she was worried Jackson could stay, and Jess said she’d nominate Tommy if Jack or Jackson came down.

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