Big Brother 14 Finale Live Recap: Who Won Big Brother 2012?

The Big Brother 14 finale is here at last and very soon we’ll know who won Big Brother 2012! There are only three houseguests — Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry — left to battle it out in the final Head of Household Competition and face the votes of the BB14 jury of previously eliminated players. Who will be the Big Brother 14 winner? Join us for our Big Brother 2012 finale recap as we find out who won Big Brother 14!

When the Big Brother 14 season started, veteran houseguest Dan Gheesling was only supposed to be a coach, not a regular player. Once he was thrown into the regular game, he played it cool at first, subtly influencing his former player Danielle Murphree to become his closest ally. Eventually Dan went into full force manipulation mode and when he managed to ‘mist’ his nemesis Frank Eudy into saving him from eviction (using ally Jenn Arroyo‘s Power of Veto), he became the master of the Big Brother 14 house. Now, at the Big Brother 14 finale, it may take a miracle to prevent Dan Gheesling from becoming the houseguest who won Big Brother 14.

In our Big Brother 14 cast bios from the start of the season, we noted that Danielle Murphree could end up being a ‘Jordan Lloyd‘ type player who allies herself with a strong alpha male, which turned out to be the case on two counts. Not only has she fostered a psuedo showmance with Shane Meaney, but she also ended up with veteran player Dan Gheesling as a partner and mentor. Our initial evaluation of Danielle was: “…a strong bet on this one for the jury house, and she could even be a winner if the others don’t see her as a threat quickly enough to get her out before the final two.”

Danielle Murphree could indeed end up still winning this thing if the stars collide in a strange fashion tonight in the Big Brother 2012 finale, although I personally think she’s the least likely of the three remaining houseguests to take home the big prize. If she doesn’t, win she will certainly be a voice in the Big Brother 14 jury house. So we’re chalking our predictions for Danielle at the start of the season as good ones. I’m still curious to know, if Dan ended up in the final 2 with Danielle, and she ended up winning… would he have a case to make that he should still be awarded the $100,000 coaches’ prize?

As for Ian Terry, he was harder to peg at the beginning of the season, although we did note in his Big Brother 14 cast bio: “Ian could make it very far indeed if he does manage to get in that strong alliance he wants…” That, of course, is exactly what he managed to do by co-founding the ‘Quack Pack’ alliance with Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree, Shane Meaney and Britney Haynes (and later reforming it after Britney was eliminated). However, we also noted that: “If the other players are wise, they will probably want him in their alliance as he could prove loyal and helpful, but likely isn’t winner material.” Right now that loyalty and helpfulness may prove to be Ian’s downfall if he ends up being responsible for Dan being in the final 2.

In a Dan versus Ian situation, the outcome is very chancy indeed. Dan has played this game and the other houseguests like a fiddle and the jury may reward his audacity and manipulation. On the other hand, he burned a lot of bridges and did a lot of nasty things to get to the end and the jury members may decide to punish him for it by giving their votes to Ian instead — especially since Ian made some pretty good game moves as well (even if a lot of them were dictated by Dan).

Who will be the Big Brother 2012 winner? Join us now for our Big Brother 14 finale live recap and let’s find out who won Big Brother 14!

In the first round of the final Head of Household Competition, Dan Gheesling’s masterful ‘misting’ of Danielle Murphree and Ian Terry continue. He somehow manages to actually convince both Ian and Danielle to throw the round to him. Ian did it as part of his deal with Dan to have Shane evicted instead of him. Danielle is just under Dan’s thumb, at least for now.

On the Big Brother live feeds, Danielle went through a lot of panic about having to go up against Ian in round 2. Turns out she was right to be afraid as Ian manages to pull out the win in the second round of the final Head of Household contest. (I’m Team Ian, so yayayayay – flame as you will.)

Dan gives his congrats to Ian in front of Danielle. Danielle tells Ian that if he takes Ian to the final two she will poison the jury against him. (She seems to think she has a lot of power… she doesn’t… or she is just making empty threats and knows it.) Ian is NOT happy about being threatened. Dan is pleased at the fight — which he staged — because he wants Ian to throw the first round. His plan is to end up with Ian being the one to get Danielle out and not him.

In the Jury House, the evicted houseguests are waiting to see who comes in next. Shane Meaney walks in and he reveals that Danielle used the Power of Veto to save Dan, which ended up with Shane being backdoored and evicted. Chef Joe Arvin and Britney Haynes agree that Ian has played a great game. Shane says Ian backstabbed Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and he doesn’t want to vote for him. Jenn Arroyo says Ian makes her sick, he is a rat. Everyone agrees that Dan has played the hell out of the game.

The third round of the final Head of Household Competition is up next and this one is live. Whoever wins this round will have the opportunity to decide who they will take with them to the final 2.

Here we go! It is Dan versus Ian for the final round of the Head of Household Competition:

  • Round 1: Both get it right.
  • Round 2: Both get it right.
  • Round 3: Ian gets it right.
  • Round 4: Ian gets it right.
  • Round 5: Ian gets it right.
  • That’s it. Ian wins the round.

OMG OMG Ian won! Ian will be in the final two! (Did Dan throw the round like he said he would on the Big Brother live feeds… let’s hope Danielle doesn’t notice mister or you could be in trouble!)

After Ian wins, he has to make the choice of who he is going to take to the final 2. He has had a final 2 pact with Dan Gheesling for ages. However, the best game move would be to evict Dan because Ian has a better chance of betting Danielle in the final 2.

Ian decides his loyalty comes first and he finally decides he is going to evict Danielle, leaving him up against hardcore veteran player Dan Gheesling in the final 2. Dan has already own $500k once on Big Brother. Is he about to do it again?

The Big Brother 14 Jury members enter to ask their final questions of Dan and Ian. Ian may just explode on live television. He is that amped up. After the questions, it will be time for the final vote.

Ashley Iocco wants to know if Ian made his own decisions with his game moves and forming the Quack Pack alliance that made it all the way to the final five. Ian says he did, but Dan tries to disagree and take credit. Frank Eudy says that lying and backstabbing in the game is just part of the deal, but swearing on his wife and the bible is taking it too far. Dan says he has no regrets, it is all about winning.

Jenn says he does not like rats and snitches. Ian says he just needed to make sure he was getting the information to flow how it needed to for his game play. Joe wants to know what blood Dan has on his hands. Dan says everyone’s. He says he lied to everyone, he backstabbed everyone and screwed the house with his own ‘funeral’ but he had to do it all because of how well everyone was playing. (I call bullshit.)

Britney wants to know why Ian should win and he says he played at least a somewhat cleaner game than Dan did. When Shane asks him why he should win, Dan says he should win because he wasn’t being controlled the whole time like Ian was. (Ouch!) Danielle wants to know if Ian knew Dan had a final 2 deal with her. Ian says Dan gave him his grandfather’s gold cross as proof he wouldn’t betray their final 2 deal.

Now the final 2 houseguests will make their last ditch speeches in an effort to convince the jury to take them to the final 2. I can’t recap everything here, but I was pretty impressed with Ian’s speech. Dan also gives quite the speech as well, but are those disbelieving looks on the faces of the Jury members when they are listening to Dan??? Or is that just CBS production trying to convince us Dan is not going to win (by coaching the Jury how to act) so we will be shocked and awed when he does? I do prefer not to believe in the conspiracy theories… Regardless, it is time now for the vote!

First, of course, we have the parade of previously eliminated houseguests. Even Jodi is there! Poor Jodi, who never even got to stay overnight in the BB14 house. Willie Hantz is not, of course, one of those returning houseguests as he was banned after his nasty bitchfight with Chef Joe Arvin.

Janelle Pierzina calls out Danielle for all her lies. She also says Dan is one of the best players of the game ever. Frank says he does not respect how Dan played the game. Mike Boogie says he thinks Dan played an amazing game but he also has total respect for Ian’s journey in the house this season.

Shane wants to know if Danielle knew he was going to be evicted. She says no (but she totally really did, you know it). Shane wants to know why Dan did that to him. Dan says Shane was too much of a threat.

Finally it really is time for the votes and here we go!

Big Brother 14 – Jury Votes

  • Ashley votes for Ian to win.
  • Britney votes for Ian to win.
  • Frank votes for Ian to win.
  • Joe votes for Ian to win.
  • Jenn votes for Ian to win.
  • Shane votes for Ian to win.
  • Danielle votes for Dan to win.

And the Big Brother 14 winner is… underdog Ian Terry! Congrats! Wow, he may just keel over right there! Congrats Ian!

Amazingly enough, Frank Eudy is chosen as America’s Favorite player and awarded $25,000. That actually shocks me because he was booed by the live audience every time he was in front of them and no one I talk to likes him at all. Oh well. He obviously has his fans somewhere…

For those of you with the Big Brother live feeds, stay tuned for backyard interviews coming shortly live from the Big Brother 14 house!

That’s a wrap for the Big Brother 14 finale and the Big Brother 2012 season. Join us here again for Big Brother 15 next year! Keep track of all your favorite Big Brother alumni during the off season here at with news, gossip and more while we wait for the new season to begin.


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